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One step closer


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Well I am one step closer to taking the plunge into the compuquilter world.

DH was off today to put together last minute preperations on the golf outting he holds every year for his Knights of Columbus council. It's tomorrow.

So last night when we were discussing whether or not to wait the year or to take the plunge this year he told me to do the leg work today and get the info on purchasing/financing the compuquilter upgrade for my Liberty. Well thats all I needed to hear so I got next to no sleep last night (too excited) and then first thing this morning I was calling around for #'s and such. DH said that instead of going with the bank in IA that we should try going with our local bank that we have our personal accounts as well as my business account at. I called over there to see what was involved within a few minutes we were heading to the bank to apply for a business loan. It went so smoothly since I have been in business for over a year and 1/2 now and that my Liberty is completely paid for and that my business is showing a steady rise etc... before I knew it we were signing the papers to send it to the underwriters! Now all we have to do is wait ti see if the business loan gets approved, should know something by the end of next week if not before.

If this loan goes through this could really kick my business up a few more notches this fall when the snow birds come back into town. No more loosing customers because I couldn't "fit them in" Being able to offer custom again because it will be quicker than it was before to do than manually. I might even be able to have a little time to piece again!


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