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Ultimate I with Compuquilter


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Do any of you have a Compuquilter on your Ultimate I?

I have found what I believe to be a wonderful well maintained machine and I hope to find out tomorrow whether I am getting it.

For those of you quilting with your Ultimate I, How do you like it.

This machine does not have SR but it does have the Needle positioner which is all I understand I need.

To relocate my Compuquilter to this machine from my Millie what would I need if anyone could tell me. I am hoping it isn't terribly costly to do this.

Thank you ladies.

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Get in touch with the techs at apqs about the transfer. I am not familiar with transferring it over to help you out. I do believe that you might have to set it up from scratch and then you can still use the original table that your millie was on. It would most likely be considered a retrofit. If you call the tech department they should be able to hook you up with the answers to your questions.

Happy Quilting-

Sheri in Hershey

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