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Bobbin thread won't pull up on Millie

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My bobbin thread is long, my needle is facing the correct way, lint cleaned out, bobbin thread pulls easily.

When I try and pull up bobbin thread it feels like it is stuck and will not come up. If I just start the machine the bobbin thread will work. I tried the thread cutter and it will not cut. It tries and just makes a sound like it us stuck.

I am quilting 2 wall hangers I am giving as presents, due Saturday.

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My suggestion, remove bobbin case, and clean it.  Then ensure that the bobbin moves freely, and thread pulls easily from bobbin case when outside of machine (would be great if you could test in TOWA gauge).  After that is working fine, reinstall bobbin case with bobbin, and manually rotate needle bar to bring up bottom thread.  Then see if you can easily pull on bobbin thread tail, and stripe off thread.  If not, you need to look for possible burs on the hole where the needle and thread go through, and then the hook assembly.

I have no idea about the thread cutter, but you need to see if you can get it to retract or be off to the side so that it is not part of the possible issues preventing the bottom thread from pulling freely from the bobbin.

Best of luck to you, and resolving your issues.  Hopefully, a good nights sleep makes it easier to find the problem.  


May your threads be balanced, and your bobbin forever full….

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