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I have for sale a Gammill Statler Optimum  machine on frame.  The Gammill is equipped with Statler Stitcher upgraded to CS 7.4.  The table is a 14 foot table complete with a light bar attached to it. The table is on Hydraulic legs as well as wheel casters.  I will include all the patterns I have purchased over time.  I am asking $22000 for the whole setup.  If interested please call or email me.  You would be responsible for shipping or pickup costs.  I live in Arizona.  This will also include the chair rail matt with a drafting chair so you can also sit and quilt.  I have a ton of accessories to go along with it.  Bobbins, Cutting matt that sits on table all the books and such that came with the machine and an extra computer monitor that attaches to the stand that attaches to the table.  I am currently using a large monitor that stands alone on a table.  Also included in this package will be around 130 Cones of Omni thread all different colors.  Approximate value of thread is $1000.  There is a stand alone bobbin winder and many extra bobbins with it as well.  There is a 12 ft cutting mat that lays on the table as well.   

Angie Christy




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