Bobbin thread too tight when bobbin inserted

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I have a Millie and it's been working great, till yesterday.  Nothing happened but I am changing thread for a new quilt and when I insert a new prewound bobbin into the machine the thread pulls very tight when I bring up the bobbin thread.   This bobbin case is the one I always use with prewounds, the tension is set for them.  However, all of a sudden the thread will not move freely.  I had just cleaned and oiled the machine and put in a new bobbin.  When the case is in my hand the thread pulls freely but when it's in the machine, and pulled up, it is very tight.  I've removed the cover and see nothing interfering with the thread.  Any ideas....

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It may be that your prewound bobbin is slightly thicker than it should be. When it is in your hand, it is not compressed, but when you insert the bobbin case into the hook assembly, it is held tight. If it is a cardboard-sided prewound, try removing one or both of the cardboard sides. Or move to a different prewound in that batch. Also, check that your bobbin case backlash spring is well seated into the bobbin case - if it isn't laying flat around the edges, it may be the culprit.

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Hi,  I tried checking all those things and you were right.  For some reason that bobbin was thicker than all the others.  But I did get everything cleaned out, oiled, and rechecked.  Thanks!

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