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Glide thread

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I’ve always had to back the tension off for Glide.  Try one of these things at a time until you have success.  First check the pigtail guides for grooves.  For the three hole guide above the tension thread under the first hole and down the third hole, next I would back off the top tension one of two turns until the thread stops breaking then adjust the bobbin tension to balance.  Also slowing down a little may help.   That is what has worked for me in the past.



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MarleneB, are you still having trouble with Glide?  It is possible to have balanced tension where both the bobbin thread and the needle thread are too tight.  You could try loosening both the upper and bobbin tension to where the stitch is still balanced but not quite as tight, and see if that resolves your issue with breakage.  It is also possible that there is a little nick or burr on your needle, even if it is brand new (sometimes you get a defective one) and that would cause your upper thread to break repeatedly as well.

Rebecca Grace


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