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I have pieced this quilt and think that I want to quilt simple waves - following the direction of the waves. I have it loaded (backing is the same navy blue as the border) I have several questions. I've had my Lenni about 2 years now and am getting better with it but am still learning.

Can I baste the whole thing down (just the edges or lines through the quilt?) 

Should I quilt my waves as far as I can go in each row - and then do lots of starts and stops before advancing the quilt?

Should I quilt each wave by quilting as far as I can and then advancing the quilt, causing me to advance and re-roll the whole thing many times? (I figure I can do one wave down and one up but still it is a lot of moving the quilt)

Or should I give up and do something else? 

Oh and I had to buy a king size batting - the quilt is 96 inches across and the backing is 108. My batting is 120. Should I trim that first or just let the extra hang over the edges (making clamping the sides trickier) 

And lastly I think I want to stitch in the ditch around the lighter border and then I'm stumped for what to do in the darker one - it is a navy batik with light blue swirls - maybe trace the swirls? 

THANK YOU! This one intimidates me as I love it and want to do it justice. 

Chrissie Devinney

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It might be easier if you loaded so that the waves/wavy lines will be going across the quilt and not top to bottom.  The middle pic, make the left corner the top left when you load.  If you plan an rolling back and forth, you need to pin baste (pins no more than a hand width apart) or sew baste the whole thing. After you have basted the whole thing, you can SID the narrow border as you advance; start in the middle at the top and go left or right and down as far as your work space will allow.  If it makes things easier, trim your batting, leaving at least 4 inches extra on all sides.

You got this.

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