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THREE YEAR OLD PRECISE PANTOGRAPH SYSTEM FOR SALE.  I HAVE INSTALLED QUILTPATH ON MY 2014  MILLIE.  THIS HAS BEEN LIGHTLY USED AND HAS WORKED BEAUTIFULLY ON MY MILLIE.  EVERYTHING TO INSTALL ON THE MILLIE IS INCLUDED.  Laser light is included as well. 16 PANTOGRAPHS INCLUDED.  I enjoyed using this.  I could sit down to operate.  I found that I was much more relaxed and in control using this method.  A saddle stool is nice, but I found that my very comfortable office chair on wheels was the best for me.  All set up and instructions are complete and excellent on the Precise Pantograph YouTube Video Channel.  This is what I used to install mine  I have no written or printed instructions.  Look at http://www.2sistersquilting.com/PrecisePantographSystem.html for more information.    Price with paper pantographs, full system and laser light is $275 plus shipping from Pearland, Texas.  

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Here is what Trinity Burak answered to my question just now about whether it would fit your machine.

It should fit perfectly the same.... enjoy your new quilt path... dont forget to have your buyer re-register the PPS to their information
Glad I could help when you needed 


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