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Anyone upgraded to the new Quick Change feet?

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I just discovered that there’s a kit available for converting my 2013 Millie to accept the new Quick Change feet.  I hate changing the old style feet on my machine with the two fiddly screws but haven’t had a chance to see how the newer feet work.  The conversion kit is $200 but it comes with the true 1/4 inch foot that I really want ($140 if I buy the version that fits my machine now).  So not much more to upgrade to the newer style.  Has anyone else done this?  Anyone seen the difference in person — is it really faster/easier to switch the new style feet?  I usually just leave the same foot on my Millie all the time, but would definitely use specialty feet if they were easier to change out without disrupting my creative flow.

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Katydids, you misunderstand me -- I have a 2013 Millennium with the older hopping foot style, two tiny screws at the back of the hopping foot and the feed have a long, skinny ankle.  My original hopping feet look like this peek-a-boo foot:


I ordered the parts kit to retrofit my "Legacy" style machine so that it can accept the new quick change feet after the conversion.  The instructions from APQS for doing the conversion are 37 pages long, (all different models are covered in the same instructions), and the conversion kit includes the new Quick Change style True Quarter Inch foot.  I'm looking forward to being able to change the hopping foot "as easily as changing a needle!"  :-)



Here's a link to the Quick Change Upgrade Parts Kit in the APQS store for Legacy Millennium, Lucey & Freddie machines: https://shop.apqs.com/pc_product_detail.asp?key=55DCD584A3B8416BAF9D1612A61311C3


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No, I did not misunderstand you.  I have the quick change feet on my machines, as well as a machine with the Legacy interchangeable hopping foot. And I just installed a quick change foot kit on an older Ult 1 for a customer.  I was saying that with the new hopping foot kit, it is just a matter of loosening the one screw to change out your feet.  this was in response to your question about is it really faster/ easier to change the new feet.


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