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  1. Your tension looks pretty good, that rippling just seems to be from where the stitch is pulling the fabric down. The best way to tell if your tension is good is on points and curves. Straight lines don't give you a good representation of tension issues. In the points and curves you will see if tension is off by thread being pulled up or down and poking through, or the thread laying flat either top or bottom. Hope that makes sense.
  2. It will work on a Lenni with Bliss, you would need a new switch cable for Lenni, as the Millie cable is different.
  3. This awesome machine and IQ are still available! Great way to get the best of both worlds, top of the line quilting machine AND computerization, at a discounted price and no tax!!
  4. Bumping this up for Jolene. She is willing to sell items separately, but IQ will not go until machine is sold.
  5. Katydids

    Comparing APQS Millie with Handi Quilter Infinity

    Lisa, have you purchased a machine? Here is a customer of mine that is selling her 2012 Millie with Intelliquilter. The machine is in great condition, she is only selling to upgrade to the larger 30" machine. Here is the link.
  6. Katydids

    New to me Freedom

    Did you turn the light on with the black switch on the left of the machine just above the front handles? If it is turned on, and the bulb is good, it is possible that the starter for the flourescent light has gone bad. Send service an email with the serial number and they can tell you the manufacturing date. My papers only go back to 2003. The square lights on the top are diagnostic lights. No stitch regulator on this machine. You can increase the motor speed by that dial on the top right of the machine, right before the "F" in Freedom Higher number will make the needle go faster. You still need to regulate how fast you move the machine to get the stitch length you want. You have the thread cutter, so the expanded base with threadcutter will fit this machine so you can do rulerwork. Hope this helps.
  7. Come on people, this is a good price on a very gently used Millie!!
  8. Barb Hartman, from looking at her photos, I can see that she has the split shaft hopping foot, so yes, it can take the different feet. In fact the photo shows the machine with the open toe ruler foot. Hope this helps.
  9. Katydids

    APQS Light Bar for Sale

    It would be helpful to know what length table the light bar is for.
  10. I am selling my personal Millie so that I may upgrade to the new 30 Millie. This is a well maintained Dealer machine. I will be doing a spa service on her before the sale. I have 3 table sizes for you to choose from all of them are Blissed. Machine has: -Deluxe Bliss Table - your choice of 14', 12' or 11' -Fabric Advance - L Bobbin -Stitch Regulator -Lower Thread Cutter -Horizontal and Vertical Locks -Single Stitch, Needle Positioner -Leader grips (on backing leaders only) on 14 and 11' table. -Laser Light -Turbo bobbin winder Machine is located in Brooksville, FL and ready for test drives. Asking $11,000.00 Can deliver within reason and prefer not to ship. Machine is currently equipped with the IQ. IQ is not included in the sale
  11. Millie is in her new home!
  12. I would recommend you try the Lucey. She is the same size as Millie, only lighter in weight. She moves like a dream for free motion quilting. Since you plan to get the IQ, you will have channel locks within the IQ system, so no real need to go up to Millie for those. I would highly recommend trying Lucey and I would upgrade to the Deluxe table ( Millies table) and get the fabric advance.
  13. No Im sorry it doesn't. I got it just before Quilt Glide came out. It can be added to this machine, but I am not sure what the retrofit cost is. I can check if you are interested.
  14. Katydids

    Wanted 10 or 12 frame for Millie

    I happen to have an extra Millie table with Bliss that I was hanging onto to possibly add another machine to my studio, but I am thinking I might just want to part with it instead. It is a 12' table. I am in central fl.
  15. Daryl, Make sure you run the machine in manual at a reasonable speed to "warm" it up BEFORE making the adjustment. If you make the adjustment to a cold machine, you will be over adjusting, as the machine warms up, then your needle will cycle too much.
  16. Yes, it did. Thank you.
  17. 2016 Used Lenni for Sale - Pending Sale 12’ Standard (Bliss ready)Table. Extras included: Casters $125.00 Hartley Expanded Base for Rulerwork - $120.00 Optional Foot kit (low profile, open toe ruler, open toe low profile) - $200.00 Extra needles, bobbins and bobbin cases Turbo Bobbin Winder Machine includes Lifetime Warranty. This machine is owned by APQS $8000.00 + Tax This machine is in my Studio in Brooksville FL. Delivery available within reason and for a fee.
  18. Katydids

    Thank you to Patti Boucher

    Thank you Donna. What a pleasant surprise to see this. So glad that all is well. Happy Quilting!
  19. This is a great deal on a basically new Lenni. This is APQS's machine and I don't really have the space. It will go back to APQS soon if someone doesn't snatch it up!