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  1. Gear box grease. They can develop an air pocket in the grease in the gear box. makes it sound kind of growly. Nohing to be concerned about as the grease is just there as a noise dampener. You can repack the grease to take care of the noise.
  2. Sharpshooter, yes the Larry comes with rear handles and a laser light, so it is set up for pantograph quilting. Honestly, the L bobbin is extremely easy to use, that is all I have on my machines for the past 14 yrs. I stayed with L when the M option came out. our machines are very easy to get tension set. It is just a matter of knowing which to adjust, needle tension or bobbin tension, based on what is happening with your thread.
  3. Im sorry, I thought i pulled this ad. She is not for sale at this time. Thank you.
  4. If you can arrange shipping, I have the boxes. I just don't have time to deal with the shipping stuff right now. Thank you.
  5. George is still availale and comes with a 1 yr factory warranty.
  6. I have my Demo George for sale It is listed in another post.
  7. GMA, I still have it. I do have the boxes and could ship if you made the arrangements.
  8. Not too sure you will get much help here. Maybe there are some Butler owners here. Have you looked on Facebook to see if there is a group for your system?
  9. I am selling my showroom George so that I can upgrade to the 2019 Model. This is a 2013 and has only been used as a demo in my APQS store and at Quilt shows. Very low usage. It will come with a one year warranty . L bobbin and has the interchangeable hopping foot Bobbin winder has never been opened. No shipping unless buyer arranges. Can deliver in FL for a fee. Asking $4500.00
  10. This lady does not respond to inquiries, but I do know that this IQ is sold. Wish she would mark it so.