Stitch regulator on back handles

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I am a fairly new 2019 Millie owner and brand new to pantos.  I placed this message on Face Book but have not gotten an answer so before I call service to help me work this out, here is my problem.  My Millie turns on and from the front the SR works as it should.  From the back, I have to hit the button several times before I hear the SR beep and can move the machine.  Before I start fiddling around with anything, I was hoping someone can lead me in the right direction.

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Hi Barb

I haven't tried the other button on the left side.  I have taken a quilt off and will be putting a practice one back on and try it.  I did post my message on "We Love APQS" on the 29th.  I keep hoping someone can give me with a simple fix before I call support.

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