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Whole cloth Help


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I am in need of someone that knows how to put markings or design on whole cloth. I am wanting to test a design I found on a old box. I had to transfer to a freeze paper because of being so old it was crumbling. email me @:


if you wish. Nita

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Hi Nita--

When I find a great design that may be useful, I use plain old copy paper and a sharpie fine-line to trace the design.

This can be enlarged or reduced if needed.

When I am ready to use it, I cover with a transparent sheet and tape to secure. The transparent sheet will keep the sharpie ink from transfering to the underside of the fabric.

Use a light box, a bright window, or the panto side of your table (with a light source underneath) to transfer the design to the fabric with a blue water-soluble pen.

Karen McTavish's Whitework Quilting book has step-by-step instructions if you can borrow or buy this book. It's great!

Hope this helps.

Linda Rech

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Linda R

Would it work with a lamp underneath because my freezer paper is about 5 or 6' long and 2 1/2 -3' wide and that is just half of it. I do have it on freezer paper with a black sharpie. It will be a center triangle but over all is 6' . I have Karen next 2 books but not that one. I wanted it but went out of print. Thank you for your help. Will update you when done, to let you know how it went. Nita

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