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One of my customers brought me a quilt and backing. The backing had large circles on it. The salesperson suggested to my customer that it might be a nice idea if one of those circles could be in the center according to the top of her quilt. I'm wondering if this is normal behavior from the salesperson? I'm wondering what suggestion might be next? Thread color? Quilting style choice? (The salesperson is a quilter herself.) Thanks for all responses. Sue

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If a potential client requests something you don't feel you're capable of doing (or capable of doing well), then just explain that.  Not every quilter is good at or willing to do all types of quilting.  Just because a sales person in a store suggested this one thing to your client doesn't mean another client won't ask for the same thing unprompted.   It doesn't really matter whose idea it was - either you can/will do it or your can't/won't. 

Ultimately, it's the customer's quilt.  If they ask for purple thread because someone in a quilt shop suggested it (or purple is their favorite color or any other reason - legitimate or not), and you, as the professional are unsuccessful at changing their mind, then you have two options - A) quilt it as they requested it (with everything documented in writing), knowing it may not look as good as it would with different thread (or quilt design or whatever); or B ) refuse to do the quilting with the understanding that customer may not ask you to quilt any other projects.  

It doesn't seem very productive to wonder about all the things clients might ask for that are above your skill level when that energy could be better spent improving your skills or learning new ones.  

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