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Needle up/down won’t work and machine buzzes

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I turned Freddie on this evening and it was buzzing as if it were in “go” mode. I tried to needle up/down and nothing happened. I moved the machine and it didn’t go. I toggled to start and the needle went up and down fine. Regulation mode seemed a little off. Toggled to stop and the machine continues to buzz. Needle up/down still doesn’t work. Anyone have ideas? I removed the thread and the bobbin and it didn’t help. Unplugged and plugged back in, nothing. Don’t want to be too wild because I have no idea what I’m doing. 

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Did you turn the speed as low as it will go?  The machines don’t actually run at that speed - you have to increase the speed just a smidge. However, the needle up/down should still work. 
Have you checked all the cable connections?  Did you unplug anything?  It’s possible to swap the SR and handle cables - I’ve done it. 

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