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Tina Collins is the BEST!!!


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My hats off to Tina Collins and the APQS staff.

My experience with Dawn C. was absolutely wonderful. She sold me my Milli right before the big show about a month ago.

And Tina....wow...that's all I can say...just WOW!!!!!

Tina came to our house on Thursday, Friday and Saturday to help install our CQ. We had a small problem with a part and she ordered the part from APQS and it was overnighted to us on Saturday. She came back on Saturday and re-installed the new part just to make sure it was working.

Tina was absolutely amazing...not only did she install all of the hardware but she put up with all of our "newbie" questions. Yes, both my husband and I are newbies and we were taking turns bombarding Tina with just a few hundred questions per hour.

Completely professional, knowledgeable and a real "people" person. Thank you Tina for you outstanding customer service and your professionalism. It was an honor for me to meet you in person. You are truly a very special lady!

I hope APQS realizes how lucky they are to have you!!!


Joanne and Kelley

Ye Olde Forest Quilters


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I had super help from Tina too and I live in Norway ( europe) I admirred her easyness about handling both the freehand sewing and the CQ. I spent 3 great days with her and all the wonderfull APQS people in Caroll and Des Moines. And now she is only a phone call awayand I feel very safe with my CQ.

I'm the only one in Scandinavia with a CQ, but hope someday there will be more of us.

So anybody who wants a trip to Norway let me know. This is a beautiful country.


Kikki Bentzen

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