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oil problems


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Welcome to the forum and congratulations!!

Did you oil your wicks? When I first got my machine I would oil the wicks like they said to in the demo classes...then I had oil running everywhere, even across the light bar! you might want to take the little side plate off the side (front) of the machine and take a look inside to see if there is excessive oil. If there is, you need to wipe it out. Then when the wicks feel dry, and you cannot see any oil on your finger when you touch it...put one drop and only one drop on the wick...I think we have all had to learn that lesson :)

I hope that is the problem. Good luck.

Mary Beth

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Congrats on your new endeavor!

As MB says, check the wicks and only one drop if they are dry. When I park my machine at night I pull the top thread out as far as the lever and lay it across the front handle. I take out the bobbin case and then place a towel across the needleplate under the needle and my baby is ready for bed. The towel will catch any dripping oil from over-oiling.

Next morning I wipe the needle and up the needle bar and check for any oil on the light bar. If you have oil on the thread, this should remedy that.

I oil as recommended and still sometimes have oil on the needle next day. I guess better that than not enough oil!

Again welcome and post any questions you may have. Everybody is here to share!

Linda Rech

Lovin' my Millie and our APQS family!

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Congratulations quilts2m.

We all have a tendency to over oil. As the ladies said check the top wicks. It they feel kinda dry put only one drop only on them. I never oil the wick on the side I actually wipe it off with a tissue every few days. The wicks are gravity fed and that one gets oil from above.

In the hook you can hear when you need to pull the machine off and put one drop of oil on the hook between the Teflon and the metal . Swoosh it around a bit. If I have gotten too big of a drop on it I will use a tissue to wipe it off a little bit. Put the bobbin back in use my tension scrap to run off any oil that will be picked up on the thread for a little bit. Then it is back to quilting and no worries about oil on my thread or quilt.


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