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Pokies help


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I posted this on another board with out a response so I am hoping someone here might have an idea on a tool to use

When I started a quilt today my machine's tension was being fussy for the first

two rows of a

panto some parts are perfect but i have some pokies at points and some very tiny

eye lashes

that are showing up because the top was pink and the back was white. So I used

king tut pink on the top and white bottom line in the bobbin,

I am using a tiny needle to push the pokies in so they don't stand out so much, I am also thinking of using a bleach pen to bleach them white to match the backing.

does anyone have any tips to do this easier or a tool like a tiny tiny crochet



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PLEASE do not use bleach EVER EVER EVER to try to correct a mis-stitched thread on a quilt--that way lies disaster!!!! Whew!! I feel better now.

Bleach is impossible to apply so you don't have spread to fabric, through the batting, and maybe to the top!

Now, if you have a light thread showing on darker fabric, the color of the stitch can be changed with archival ink from a Pigma pen or such. This is still tricky but do-able.

You can try a tiny crochet hook to pull in the eyelashes, but try loosening the quilt on the rollers and spritzing with water first. Sometimes we are so close to the top as we stitch, we think the "glaring mistakes" are HUGE when they are barely noticable. Good luck and take a deep breath.

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Thanks the quilt is done it only happened on the first two rows, but what I can figure I had the quilt too tight. also that I used two different weight threads. the backing is white the top thread was pink so there are pink dots on the back I spritzed it seems to help relax the threads a little so I am thinking once its washed a few times they will work themselves. but few will remain

I thought one of those bleach pens would be fine enough, or a q tip but common sense prevails. I just hate sending it back with pokies showing. I did the quilt free for a lady who is going through chemo the quilt was made by a group of us online so I wanted it to be perfect.

I hope she doesn't get upset the other 90 percent looks great and the front looks awesome.

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