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CQ and Blocking Quilts


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I just read Karen McTavish's Quilting for Show book and loved it! But I have one or two "newbie" questions.

Since I am almost motivated enough to start thinking about quilting a quilt for show, would I have to block my quilt if I use CQ? I rarely mark my quilts when I use CQ, so I don't think washing and blocking the quilt would add value or does this step add a value that I don't know about?

Also, if I entered a quilt for show, do I have to digitize my own designs to use on the quilt or can I use a "paid-for" design as long as the designer is given credit?

Any and all comments are welcome!

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Blocking only gives the quilt shape.

It it\'s not square or if it\'s lumpy looking you can wash it and lay it out flat, reshape it and put a fan over it to dry.

Most the time I use a steam iron on the backside of the quilt or lay it on plastic and spritz it with a water bottle, flatten it out with my hands and let it dry with a fan over it.

You usually block the quilt first then cut the sides for binding. Judges like smooth bindings and sharp corners. Make a blouson sleeve instead of a flat one. Marilyn and Claudia taught me that one.

As long as you buy your designs you can use them for show. You might want to add on the form who\'s designs you used.

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Just enjoy Joanne

Blocking does help get your quilt as square as possible. I did a large one just a few weeks ago 95 x 105 which was very intensly quilted. It did hang beautifully after being blocked. I was glad I did it but it is hard work. It took me a while. I had a friend drop in and help.

I thought it paid off.

I\'m addicted to every design I see almost. I love Computerized Quilting even though I still enjoy alot of freehand as well. Giving the designer credit for the design is just the right thing to do. Besides they love seeing their designs being used in shows. At least I would certainly think it would be very flattering to them. Executing a Computerized quilt takes talent and attention to detail also. It is so fun.

As far as binding Joann has it right. It looks so much better when it hangs. Karen also shows you this in her "Quilting for Show DVD" that comes with her Book. No more HUMPS in your hanging quilt.

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