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Compuquilter and Autosketch SO COOL!


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I am currently taking Suzzane\'s class, and I am learning so much that my brain is like a sponge! I just hope that nothing falls out! I have not gone all the way thru like Tammie has, but just in the four lessons in her book so far, I am acutally making great stuff. Perfect and I don\'t mean almost perfect, but right on the line overstitching. This lady is truely the expert in Autosketch and she can make Compuquiter Sing! I look forward to doing each homework assignment. I totally love being able to tell my kids and husband, sorry can\'t cook tonight, I haven\'t finished my homework. They are being so supportive that they make me dinner, haven\'t had the heart to tell them the homework was done durring the day while they were all gone and now I am just playing with what I learned.

That\'s OK, I have taken care of more than one "faked" too sick to go to school days! LOL

I would highly recomend Suzanne as a teacher, her book and knowledge is more than worth the money.


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