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what kind of thread should I use?

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What kind/brand/wt of thread should I use if I want something that has a sheen is not real thin - I want it to show up - but is not a metallic? I have some Aurifil 40 wt that I think is for an embroidery machine... I have used it before and I want a heavier - thicker - look but I like that sheen!

Any suggestions? It is for this quilt pictured below



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Annette, Do you have any Superior Brytes?? I was going thru my threads today, putting them away, and noticed it has a sheen but not a shine. That might look good, it\'s a poly 30/3. thicker than Bottom Line/Sew Fine but not quite as heavy as King Tut. The one I have is a dark olive, really close to what I\'m seeing as your darker green, on my monitor.

I have to say that is one beautiful quilt.. just a few steps beyond what I\'m up to for now.. maybe.. one day.

Good Luck.


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