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Cleaning the Wheels

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We've talked about cleaning the rails but if you've never tried cleaning the wheels, you might be surprised. I take a Q-tip and some alcohol and clean in the little "U" part of the wheel that rides the track. It's amazing how much black gets in there too. I do this about once a week but I still wax my rails every morning.

Might not even make a difference in the movement of the machine but makes me feel like it's clean.

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I cant believe the difference!!! I had read your post for the first time a few days ago Judy, and since were having horrible lightning here today I decided to leave my machine unplugged and clean my wheels. I was still getting blackstuff off on the 10th q-tip.

Then I decided to try the wax thing on the rails, I have heard pro's and cons about doing this, so I just never have... Well lo and behold, after 4 years my machine ran those rails as smooth as they ever have!!!!!! I felt like I was driving a new machine.

I have a few questions. I've heard here, though I cant find it now, that the rails shouldnt be waxed too often,,Why? And could you guys share what wax works best I've seen the names , do I get it at an auto-shop?

Also I occationally notice grease squeezing out in the metal shank of the wheel-gizmo, do I wipe that away or leave it alone?


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Jamie: Hopefully Connie or Mark will comment on this. I think they recommend the Meguiar's Cleaner Wax (liquid). It has a teenie bit of pumice in it so I can see where that might not should be used too often.

My favorite wax is the Renaissance paste wax which might be hard to find. I get it at Woodcraft. Here's their web site if you don't have one locally: http://shop.woodcraft.com/Woodcraft/search_results.asp?find_spec=renaissance+wax&searchtype=AND&mscssid=&Gift=&GiftID=

It's a very fine paste wax used for furniture and fine wood finishing and I really don't think you could use it too often because it doesn't have any kind of abrasive in it at all. I sure could be wrong though.

I waxed my rails this morning about 6:30 with Meguiar's Cleaner Wax and then about 1:00 p.m., I used the Renaissance and again about 10 p.m. when I was getting ready to do some feather motifs, I waxed again with Renaissance! I love the way it feels when it's freshly waxed. :D

I've waxed my rails at least once a day most every day for more than 3 years and I don't have any problems.

I can't answer the question about the grease. That's something I haven't noticed but it may just be that in my morning wipe down, I'm getting it off without even noticing.

Glad I was able to help you Jamie!

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