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How to use a thread net?


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Is the thread net supposed to make the tension a LOT tighter? Should I try to pre-stretch the thread net before I use one?

I bought some and have not used them before, but wanted to see if it would help with my Rainbows problem (the thread would sometimes slip off the cone and pool at the bottom), but when I put the net on, I really had to tug hard to get the thread to come off the spool (just pulling the thread after it\'s gone through the guide attached to the middle of the machine - not even through all the loops in the next guide above the tension disk). This doesn\'t seem right to me.

I had the net only up to the shoulder of the cone - where it starts to slope up - and had the rest of the net tucked into the bottom of the cone.

Do I need to leave the net on a cone so it can relax a little? Just out the bag they\'re pretty tight. Am I putting the net on correctly?



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I would guess you are putting them on correctly...

For tall cones I use the whole net, I do not tuck it into the bottom I let it stand above the cone... I use them just fresh from the bag...I don\'t stretch them out or play with them...they are to keep the thread from flipping away from the cone as it comes off the top of the spool, or as you are having the threads pooling at the bottom.

For short or regular thread spools. IF I have a problem I will cut a longer net down to fit the spool better, but again I don\'t stretch the netting. That isn\'t important to do...the thread comes off just fine.

If your tension is to loose you may have to tighten it so that the thread pulls off the spool better. But if the tension is to tight the net will make the thread drag a mit more so again you may have to play with the tension to loosen it up a bit. AND yes you may even have to skip a couple of the thread guides, You will be able to tell once you get to sewing what you will need to do.

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