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Will Pre-Design run on a Mac?


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Originally posted by xxooms

Does anyone w/a Mac use this program? If so, how does it work on the various Windows "conversion" programs? Marlene

Hi Marlene,

Here are the replies to the same question asked in the special Pre-Design Yahoogroup http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Pre-Designgroup on Jan 17 08:

Yes, I use Parallels on my Mac to run my PC programs such as Embird and Pre-Design. Although I have not had time to play much with Pre-Design, I have done enough to know that it works. I am still using Tiger Operating system - I have not upgraded to Leopard - so I cannot say how Parallels is running on the new leopard system.


Pre-Design works well on my Intel Macbook using Bootcamp and Windows XP SE2. Bootcamp is not an emulator but it actually allows the Intel Macbook to become a fully fledged windows machine running at full speed. Google Apple and Bootcamp for more details...

Dave C

I have run the trial version on iMac, running version 10.5.1. I used Parallels version 3 Build 5582. The Windows version is XP SP2. I have not used Pre-Design much but it seemed to work fine. My trial has run out and I have not purchased it yet. I plan on it. I am a quilter and would use Pre-Design to use with Pro-Q Designer and PCQuilter.



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I tried to use PreDesign running Virtual PC with Windows XP. It immediately comes up with an error code and won\'t run. I was so looking forward to using this fantastic program. Any one with hints on how to make this run, please advise.

Sylvia Jacobus

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