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Australia - Compuquilter - Meet Stan and Dee Dee


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Hi fellow Aussies

I\'ll be sending out an email to you all later today but just in case I miss you, for some reason, I\'d just like to let you know that Stan and Dee Dee Townsen (owners and designers of Compuquilter) are visiting Australia in 10 days.

They would love to meet owners of Compuquilter and anyone who is thinking of purchasing a CQ to retrofit to any

APQS machine with needle positioner as well as anyone considering purchasing a new machine and CQ combo.

There are exciting features coming for both APQS machines and Compuquilter within the next few months.

If you are thinking of purchasing an APQS machine in the near future but won\'t be ready for CQ for another say 11 months, your new Milli can be made CQ ready rather than having to retrofit later.

If you\'d like to meet Stan and Dee Dee to have a demonstration or express your ideas for features you would like to see on CQ, we are making appointments for Good Friday and if there is a need, the Monday or Tuesday before.

Contact me to book in or ask for more details.

Best wishes


(03) 9769 0248


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