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oil weight and use?

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Hi - my demo Lenni came to me without an APQS-supplied oil bottle, but the dealer gave me something.

Want to check if it is an OK subsitute: it is Alpha Sew original Zoom Spout "superior Sewing Machine Oil" and says to "use for lubricating all metal parts".

Looks absolutely clear and doesn\'t appear slimely or gooy in the bottle.

Also, the manual says to put 2 drops of oil every day on the top wicks. But reading the post from Mark sounds like if my finger is oily after rubbing the top of the wick, not to oil that day. I\'m a bit confused on that now.


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Zoom Spout is the best machine oil available...you should feel very safe in using it.

Just cuz the manual says to oil each day doesn\'t mean that its true....You may only run your machine an hour one day and 2 the next day.. that isn\'t enough to warrant oiling each day...NOW if you are like some of us that run the machine hard and heavy for 8 to 12 hours a day then yes...

I test my oil wicks each day, and if I brush my fingers lightly over the top and have a oil wetness on my fingers I DO NOT re-oil...if they come off dry, then I re-oil....you will get the feel as to what is to much. When you have a pool of oil setting on your pressure plate in the morning, ya will know ya went to far, and have used to much oil. Or if you see it running down your needle...ya went to far.:P;):P

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