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  1. I got a piece of insulation board from Lowes. I think it was less than $20. I soak my quilt, then pin it to the board with LOTS of pins.
  2. The back is solid black with black thread. The quilting stitches don't really show up, but the texture is amazing. It is wool over cotton, so there is lots of definition.
  3. I have a quilt going to New England in tomorrow's mail. I hope I win a ribbon.
  4. Here is one I finished that will become part of a vendor booth at Dallas Quilt show next weekend.
  5. That looks like a winner to me. It is gorgeous. Is it entered as a Wall Quilt or a miniature, since it is so small
  6. A pretty all over pattern. If you are going to do custom, do diagonally set feathers
  7. Did you use a stencil for those feather motifs? That is really sensational. You have more patience that I do
  8. That is a super cute quilt. I love it. Was it from a pattern?
  9. Make sure you have a brand new needle and use a finer thread, if you can.
  10. That is a pretty pink tumbling blocks. That is one of my favorite patterns. My grandmother made one in red, white, and blue when I was little. I'm not sure where it ended up
  11. I agree with Vickie. I use my Circle Lord stylus with all my boards. I have a few boards I will be selling, if you might be interested in them.
  12. Update: After receiving my email, he sent a message back and asked if I could fix it. I explained that it would be $15/hour to take it apart, square it up, and add new borders. I estimated about $100 worth of work, but explained that I will keep meticulous records. He wants me to repair it for him. He also ordered four yards of 120" backing that is being delivered to my house. It is really a pretty quilt. I will post pictures when it is finished (which might be a month or so)
  13. MaryBeth, I bought one at Joann fabrics (of all places). It is called Quarter Inch Stitching-Stitch in the Ditch. Made by Dritz. It is only 4 inches wide and 6 inches long, has notches for lining up 1/4 on seamline. It works. great. If you decide you want more rulers, I highly recommend Lisa Calle's pro-line and pro-curve. They are fabulous.
  14. so excited for you. I love seeing your beautiful quilting MB
  15. Thank you cherylannie I was trying to address the problem without causing hard feelings. I hope I succeeded
  16. You all know that I have really been working hard to build my customer base, including taking some less that perfect tops and doing the best I can with them. A new customer contacted me and wanted quilting done. Nothing fancy- just a groovy board. I was all set to start on it, but I ran into several problems. The top was terribly out of square and had a parachute in the middle. The backing was 4 inches too narrow. There is simply nothing I can do with it. Here is the letter I sent by email today. Dear , I find that I will be unable to quilt your top at this time. As a longarm quilt
  17. I have finished a bunch of things, but can't post any more pictures on here. https://facebook.com/sweettsquilting
  18. Oh Dawn, thanks for calling Mary Beth to let her know I won that Lucey. And thanks for leaving a message since I am not allowed to have my phone on at work. JK Mary Beth
  19. I have a table and frame here that my Lenni was on. The rails on the table are a little bit dented, but I have been told it is possible to smooth them with body filler, or sand them smooth. My new machine is on a bliss table, so I am not using the old one. Would you be interested in buying it? I have no idea how much it would cost to send it to Canada. Probably a bunch. You might also want to contact Matt Sparrow and Sparrow Studioz. He is the Canada dealer.
  20. Mine is doing the same thing this week. I'd love to know how to fix the problem. I thought I might need to order a new assembly and install it.
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