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  1. I've been wanting to get involved with qov. I called our local office a couple years back. But my confidence in my piecing and quilting is still pretty low. Our military deserve the best. Once I get better this is the organization I plan to get involved in.
  2. Except the 1 quilt I made myself, I've never been given a quilt. My children, nieces and nephew all have quilts I've made them. As they age I make more age appropriate quilts for them. I've always wanted a quilt given to me so now I make sure they will never want for a quilt.
  3. An 800 number kept calling me. I don't answer those. I assume since it's Dawn it will be 515 number. But after the 5th time I convinced myself it had to be Dawn because they didn't leave a message and they were relentless. Soooooooo I answered. Ugh it was just a telemarketer. Way to smash my dreams telemarketing! !
  4. I started quilting while pregnant with the third baby. Back in 2001. I finished my king trip around the world quilt top. Still my favorite pattern. I had no clue how to do the backing. So I put it aside to work on all 3 of my then children. After finishing theirs I went back to try and figure out how in the world to piece the backing of mine. A lot of frustration and a preemie baby I gave up quilting in 2002. Until I was pregnant with the last of my babies. In 2009 I decided I wanted to make a quilt for my youngest. Well his got side railed also when he decided to come early I was put on hospital bed rest until he was born and he came really small, 1 lb 9 oz. He was in the hospital for a long time. All together I was gone 4 months. Even when he finally came home he was on a heart monitor and oxygen. Then his kidney problems started and 5 surgeries. Mean while I felt beyond guilty I didn't keep him in long enough, thought i was the reason he was having all these problems and on top of that he didn't even have his very own quilt for all his hospital stays. In 2012 things finally slowed down enough for me to get his quilt done, also a trip around the world. As soon as I got his done I wanted mine, since I was now the only one without a quilt lol. Hard to admit but I had to go to youtube to figure out the backing. At that time I thought there was supposed to be only 1 seam lol nor did I know anything about wide backings. I also decided to get Patience. The 1st quilt on Patience was my 1st quilt. Oh was there ever problems with the quilt especially borders there is a few tucks. But I do love my quilt. As you can see so does he. Always on our beds.
  5. I'm in. I wonder has anyone ever won that already owns an APQS machine?
  6. I only quilt for myself however I've been asked twice to make a quilt for others. 1st time I tripled the cost of all of material and thought NO way they would agree. It was for my sister in laws, father. Both my brother and sister in law agreed without hesitation. Both said they thought I would charge more considering how much time I've put into theirs. 2nd time was my hair dresser of 17 years. She asked me to do a tshirt quilt for daughter's graduation. I had never done one and since she knows EVERYONE in our community I was a lot intimidated. So I told her $25 for each shirt and my practice materials. Again to my shock she has agreed and has been collecting shirts for the last 3 years. For every sport or activity she orders an extra tshirt for this quilt. Every 6 weeks, at my appointment, she tells me how many she has and her excitement. So far asking fair price has not turned anyone away. I don't want to start a business. I like quilting on my own time. Plus no one can complain about a quilt given to them but paying for one I would have to listen to nit picking. I wouldn't take that very well and the customer would not be happy with me afterwards lol.
  7. Beautiful. I love their names. I've said a prayer for this lil guy and will continue.
  8. Yep glide and magna glide bobbins work great with my Millie as well.
  9. I 2nd everything they have stated above. Also the stitch regulator is amazing. I can not state enough how helpful the men and women on this forum or APQS company their selves are. Everyone is beyond helpful and friendly.
  10. I do not have either IQ or QP YET. In a perfect world a new Millie with IQ is what I would own. I love my older Millie with her features. I've tried out both IQ and QP. You don't loose throat space however there is a little bit of table length.
  11. Hmm I'm not sure which direction as my board goes in all directions. I think it's going to my right from the front or left from the back.It's not skipped, it's more like it just glides past with out stitching. Now that I think about it sometimes it seemed to get stuck. Mind you this was over 6 ms ago, I'm could be remembering wrong as well. I just thought the track were dirty.
  12. I just can not figure out what's going wrong. Patience(Millie) and I are not getting along. It started in November but a lot of things happened so I was not able to figure it out or even try until now. Well now that life has settled done my hubby and I tried to get her going again. I keep getting these long stitches. It only happens at the bottom close to the belly bar. I'm a good 5-6 inches away from it tho. I've tried Changing the needle even went up in size. Any help would be great.
  13. Yes I do pantos from the front. There is a learning curve like with most everything. I bought the bigger screen so I could see a bigger area. I'm not crazy about pantos but I find its easier from the front then the back so I don't have to bend over. I've thought about trying the precise panto system. I've heard it's a great system to do those intricate patterns. The lady's that have it love it. I don't run a business so I can't justify the cost since I already bought quilt cam. Plus I just really don't like being at the back of my Millie. Oh there is the circlelord company. They have a set up for the front of your machine as well. But you use boards not pantos. It just comes down to comfort I believe and what works for you. My guess is you won't go wrong with any of these options. Good luck!
  14. Like the others here, I say try out any LA you can get your hands on. I was only able to try out a couple. None of which was APQS funny enough. Between being on this forum, learning from everyone here and talking with APQS for a couple years. I decided to buy a used Millie (Patience) clear across the country without even trying it out. My logic was, APQS would help with anything that arised. My husband was worried but not me. These lady's and gent's made me confident. I've not regretted getting Patience in these 3 years. I love the fact I don't have to send her off if something goes wrong. The forums and company talk you through everything. I just can't say enough good things about the APQS family.
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