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  1. Very nice! Love the outer ditty on the Cactus Rose quilt, good work! Thanks for sharing....
  2. Well said everyone - all good thoughts! I am working on one right now that I have to remind myself to blink now and then..... Time for a long weekend! Enjoy and stay safe
  3. Wow! Beautiful and eye-popping!! Love those colors and you did the perfect quilting to compliment the quilt - well done!
  4. Very nice! The quilting is awesome and I really like her colors choices in the quilt... pretty! Great piece of work all around, wish it were mine too.
  5. Those would be great - very funny! If you can't have a laugh, then what do you have?? I have been doing a bunch of wool applique and really enjoying it. Saw a SS in wool - but they were too cute. I like these better! Might just have to add this twist, would be great to see her in the chair getting a tattoo! Sorry I have been gone for a long while. Computer problems and life.... you know. Great to see some familiar names and faces!!
  6. I have not been on here for awhile, since the change-over to this new site. I no longer get those great emails of daily stuff - I liked those. Just wanted to say another big Thank-you to Dawn C. who helped me out yesterday. I know it has been said before, but everyone has always been so helpful at getting an answer to questions or problems I have had with my machine. It means alot to all of us to have great people to turn to when we need them. Just a phone call or email away, or a little 4 hour drive...... Nice to have Jingle Bells at Christmas time, but NOT coming from your machine!! Today is a MUCH better day! Thank-you ~ Thank-you!
  7. Thanks for the giggle - I think we can all relate in one way or another. :cool:
  8. Lyn - Is that whole wild rose colored in?? Leaves too?? I would have guessed that you just fussy cut it out of fabric and appliqued it on. Love the center bits too - such dimension.
  9. good hints to know - I just bought a starter set of these at the MN state show - they were using the shaving cream - everywhere ~ Looks like fun too!!
  10. Funny Chris! Had to look back to get that one.... Fleas?? I thought - What does that have to do with anything?? Getting late and it has been a long day, bit slow around here. Kelly - love the quilt by the way - do you know the pattern name? Great Stars!
  11. Sounds wonderful ~ Thanks for the heads-up! Looking forward to it and will check back often.....
  12. :D:D Many of the old banks and restaurants would have these decorative ceiling tile / tins. Many different styles. They actually now sell repros at Home Depot even. I will have to do a search as to what "Lurex" is...... Sounds like the "The Lorax" from the Dr. Suess movie we just went to last weekend. Maybe we call it something else over here?
  13. Oh Door Panels! That a good idea!! If I ever need to be put into a "padded cell" I want Linzi to design it ~ all will be well then.:cool:
  14. Today was a wondeful day! He must have done something right because my machine did NOT tweak-out and have a problem... not at ALL.... all day long!!! It was FUN to quilt again!! :cool:
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