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  1. Very nice! Love the outer ditty on the Cactus Rose quilt, good work! Thanks for sharing....
  2. Well said everyone - all good thoughts! I am working on one right now that I have to remind myself to blink now and then..... Time for a long weekend! Enjoy and stay safe
  3. Wow! Beautiful and eye-popping!! Love those colors and you did the perfect quilting to compliment the quilt - well done!
  4. Very nice! The quilting is awesome and I really like her colors choices in the quilt... pretty! Great piece of work all around, wish it were mine too.
  5. Those would be great - very funny! If you can't have a laugh, then what do you have?? I have been doing a bunch of wool applique and really enjoying it. Saw a SS in wool - but they were too cute. I like these better! Might just have to add this twist, would be great to see her in the chair getting a tattoo! Sorry I have been gone for a long while. Computer problems and life.... you know. Great to see some familiar names and faces!!
  6. Come on Shana - jump in here and help us out! p.s. I do have some long horse hair that I clipped from a friends critter for a project idea I have ~:cool:
  7. o.k. now I want to see just what a "Hippie Stipple" looks like.... come on .... please?
  8. Funny! I really enjoy the "real" quilt shop names too - how silly people can be! Helps to be able to laugh at yourself too....
  9. Wow! I just can't top any of these right now, but have really enjoyed reading them!
  10. I like that!!! You just need to get a bigger bucket!!!:P
  11. I agree with everyone else - LOVE the quilt and the quilting!!! This is now on my "To Do" list too!!! Never saw the "Bucket List" movie - but I probably should..... Thanks for posting the photos Caron - you do such great work - Awesome leaves in the green too - such nice flow!!! And thanks for the pattern info. Jessica and Deloa - I myself love tangerine roses - that is what I had in my bridal bouget (sp?) and just can't pass them up when I see some! I love the black background idea too, it would look awesome! oh Boy - as if I needed another project to get started on!
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