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  1. I would SID every seam in each block. But if she doesn't want much quilting, that sounds to me like a large meander with brightly variegated thread. Anything else would be lost, seems to me.
  2. I have never seen a copy anywhere! Not in quilt shops, not at quilt shows, not at IQF, anywhere! So I don't know what one gets for their advertising dollar. It strikes me as longarmers advertising to other longarmers.
  3. Pretty stiff bristles, this brand at least ("Dr. Fresh").
  4. I just discovered that a denture brush is a great little helper in several different areas of cleaning. (No, I don't have false teeth, or else I probably would have discovered it sooner!) I use it to clean the tracks / rails on my machine, but I have also found it useful in many areas of house cleaning. I have one with my cleaning supplies both upstairs and downstairs.
  5. One of the great mysteries of life to me is how something can be done two different, and frequently opposite ways to achieve the same thing. I have lived with this as I married my complete opposite, and I am continually amazed at how we approach everything from opposite positions and somehow they both work. How it is possible to do so many things in completely opposite ways and have it work ? ? ?
  6. Frequently there is a tip on this forum for something I have known forever or else figured out for myself and just assumed that everyone in the world knew it, if I was able to figure it out. Then someone else writes in and waxes poetic about what a wonderful suggestion that is and how it is going to change her life, etc., and I just think, "duh". Well, here is everyone else's chance to "duh" me. Taping the edge of the roller to mark the edges! What a wonderful idea! Why couldn't I have figured that out by myself? Thanks, Nora! I owe you!
  7. I know what you mean by "when you have misses you don't post close ups" - I just finished a quilt that looks great from a distance, and I could do some more work on it, but I'm just getting tired of it. From my perspective, the overall appearance of this quilt and the quilting is so awesome that you are entitled to whatever misses you perceive are there. Leave it alone! It's beautiful if not perfect.
  8. How exciting for you. I love being retired. The thing that surprised me the most was, after a lifetime of working, how short a time it was before I woke up in the morning and didn't even think about work or the fact that I didn't have to go to work. I was shocked. A 2-hour commute would take all the fun out of the most wonderful job. You'll be richer just in gasoline savings! Enjoy, enjoy!
  9. I stand corrected! Thanks for the info. It must be a VERY sharp knife.
  10. It was driving me crazy how they were able to do those clean cuts with fresh bread, but I figured it out! They used three different loaves of bread cut three different ways, and then moved the pieces around!
  11. What the dear lady doesn't know is that Pres. Obama will not be able to take that quilt with him after he leaves the White House. All gifts that presidents receive during their presidency "belong to the American people" and are eventually displayed in his Library / Museum. If she wants him to have a quilt to keep, she must give it to him after he leaves the white house. Of course, it's no small deal to have your quilt displayed in a Presidential Library!
  12. I thought I had to buy special templates to do CC, but I just finished a lone star CC using my nested circle templates, although I only used one circle. I already had them and they worked great - and, by the way, it was my first attempt at CC.
  13. Hi Julia! I think that denim will be the strongest and sturdiest fabric and will outlast everything else. If I had my druthers I wouldn't combine denim with anything else because denim will outwear anything other than a polyester. However, inasmuch as it is a memory quilt that probably isn't a factor. If there is a lot of denim, it could be the main part and the rest could be decoration, or you could use it for the backing. If there isn't much denim, you could use it for binding. Just some quick thoughts.
  14. Do I need to do more quilting in the white? I know some people quilt every square centimeter of a quilt top and others don't. I'd like to know if others think that this looks "unfinished." Customer is paying for custom. She wants feathers in both outer borders done with matching thread. Thanks for your ideas. More SID around the hexagons? Echo the feathers? Feathers around edge of star?
  15. Put only a drop in the bobbin when I changed bobbins, and did run the machine, but didn't run extra after putting the bobbin in, and this is the result . . . What can I do? Thanks for help.
  16. I just frogged a large area and made myself do it before I went to bed, otherwise I wouldn't want to start on it in the morning. So do you have any suggestions of how to close up the holes? I know they will wash out, but that's not an option on a customer quilt. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.
  17. The main problem is W&N batting with two colors of thread. You won't have as much of a problem with any other batting. I strongly discourage W&N batting. It makes a nice warm quilt, but for our purposes, it's a PITA for the thread reason, and additionally it doesn't have a nice "puff" to show off the wonderfulness of our quilting.
  19. I love double piano keys for a border. It's boring but simple and always looks good.
  20. View/Text Size/Larger didn't work for me here on the forum but I have done this before; but maybe it will take effect after I re-start the computer. Shana! Pushing down the wheel (never did that before!) of my not wireless mouse resulted in an automatic scroll up or down to the top or bottom of the page without me having to move the scroll wheel. So I learned something new today! Thanks! In Word Documents, I found out by mistake that pressing on the Control key while using the "scroll wheel" between the R and L mouse button increases or decreases the size of the text in Word Document
  21. Nice picture, great job. Thanks for posting. What I learned about making this layout in a log cabin, after doing it wrong, of course, is that the center needs to be the light, as this one is, otherwise the quilt looks like a target with a bulls eye!
  22. I have a customer quilt with scalloped borders to do, and I would appreciate seeing pictures of what you've done. Thanks!
  23. For those of you who are going to IQF Long Beach and were interested in toothbrush rugs - (see previous thread below) "Aunt Philly's Toothbrush Rugs" will be there Booth # 1135
  24. O.K., Shana, I am woman! I went for it! And I didn't have much trouble getting the tension set thanks to hollyc's advice about using the three holes. However, the end result was that the KT overpowered the metallic which hardly showed at all, and so the whole idea was a flop. I'm so disappointed. It seemed like such a good idea! I think that what I was really trying to do was to "thickerize" the metallic and it didn't work!