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    Aloha, ladies. Thank you so much for your response. You gave mee 3 different perspectives on 3 different machines, not much help in making my decision, LOL! The common 'thread' is APQS is a solid, top-of-the line maker of QUALITY machines. Having had the Freedom for almost 10 years, I can definitely vouch for their customer services and 5 star equipment! Sewing Pup, I am leaning towards the Lucey on a 10 foot table, only because of the extra throat space. I like the idea of even though, she is more basic, the area of the quilting is similar to my Freedom. Cagey, George is a sit-down and although there is lots of space for quilting, I am a stand-up kind of gal - probably the only exercise I get in the season of life I am in. Ahhhh, Cindy T. So good to "see" you again. Your beautiful little mini still hangs in my quilting room, an amazing inspiration! I too, have out of the loop on this forum, but it good to see that there are many old-timers, who are still faithfully quilting away. Your perspective, makes me want to reconsider the Lennie. Hoping to jump back in and reignite quilting passions... Hawaii Barbara
  2. It has been a while - feels like eons ago. This year I adopted out my 2007 Freedom to a quilting sister, Elaine. Freedom got shipped over the ocean and across the country to Florida. She got it set up in September and 14 quilts later, Freedom is still going strong. I miss "her". So here is my question: I NEED a replacement with a smaller "footprint". I do not do large quilts, lap to mini is my niche. Lucey, Larry or Lenni on a 10 foot table. I have done the comparisons online at the APQS website. However, would like to hear real life testimonies on why you chose and how it is working out for you??? I will be at Road to California and my APQS rep is Barbara Mayfield. Thank you so much for helping in this decision-making process. APQS ROCKS! Hawaii Barbara
  3. Terry, you should teach this class. I am SURE you would get a lot of takers on learning this technique on the longarm.
  4. Shirley, one of my favorite CL longboards!! Except I use it to make Hawaiian Rainbows. "A rose by any other name".... Baptist Fans = Hawaiian Rainbows!
  5. You ladies are wonderful "tonic" and encouragement for me. Continue to hold me accountable so that those "birdies" don't overstay their welcome on my Freedom! Cathy, I am using Tulip Fabric Markers. I was thinking of using Derwent pencils (I have a whole stash), but I would have had to use a fixative, to make the color permanent. Hopefully the Tulips will maintain their colorfastness since they are for fabric. Will post when the birds are ready to fly!!! Aloha, Barb
  6. I have been MIA for a couple of months, not just on this forum, but in my quilting room, my DH has been diagnosed with throat cancer and we have a new normal in our lives, that has taken me out of my quilting circles. However, a couple of days ago, I loaded up my Freedom and decided to try out my newest CL Boards. This pattern flows and is fairly simple and open. The quilting using the Birdie boards on a larger than lap size quilt took about an hour and a half. Easy Peasy. But stepping it up, I decided to color my birds, leaving the quilt on the frame and using fabric markers. Two - Three blue birdies per day, per chemo/radiation treatment. By the time my sweet husband is done with his treatment (7 weeks), this quilt will be ready to "fly" off the frame. Thank you, Michael, for giving this caregiver, some inspiration and therapy to keep quilting every morning for the next 7 weeks! Barbara Birdie 2 by bjlral2000, on Flickr Birdie 1 by bjlral2000, on Flickr
  7. One of my customers recently moved from Hawaii to Arizona. I told her that I would look for a longarm quilter close to where she lives that she could maybe connect with. She has tops that need to be quilted in the near future. She is not looking for fancy, the quilts that I have finished up for her, used CL quilting designs and she was extremely satisfied with the way the quilts came out. She is also looking for possible binding work done. If you are interested, go ahead and respond with how she can contact you and I will forward info along to her. Thank you!!! Barbara
  8. Ahhh, great choice! Still in love with my "FREEDOM"! (2007) 5 years+ and going strong!
  9. From what I observed, the leaders were rolled up, the backing laid on top of the leader and then clipped. I fully float my tops and batting, so the only concern would be the stability of the backing. I did contact Calico Kitten, who had a booth at MQX and she said that Jamie Whalen may carry them.
  10. Thanks, again, Sue. What is the diameter of the PVC and do they pretty much snug the backing on the bar when you snap them in place? My husband is a landscaper, so there is certainly no shortage of PVC pipe around our home!
  11. Thank you, Sue. That is exactly what they looked like. Have you tried out the ones you have for the loading purposes? I will check with the Calico Kitten.
  12. At several of my MQX classes with Claudia Pfeil, she used some type of "grip" that looked like white PVC pipe that was split and snapped onto the back bar. Each piece was about 4 - 6 inches long and there were about six pieces. It took her way less than a minute to attach the backing. I've done a google search but find nothing. The classroom machine looked like a Gammill. Can anyone here point me in the right direction? Who makes these (or were they homemade?) Aloha, Barbara
  13. Okay, I'm in for the ebook, but where does this happen and how do I pay?????
  14. Thanks, Heidi!!! Your step by step instructions for posting pictures off of Flicker were right on!
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