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  1. Moderator - please delete this post. No longer up for swap! Thank you!
  2. No Longer up for Swap! Thanks for looking!! I have a 2009 Freedom SR 14 foot table with motorized feed. I want to swap for a 10 foot table with motorized feed. Must be able to fit my Freedom on it. I'm in Canon City, Colorado near Pueblo/Colorado Springs. Prefer no shipping but will meet you to swap within Colorado. No longer taking customer quilts and sharing large room with husband and his hobby! haha Serious interests only.
  3. Hurray! and God Bless Dawn!! APQS is the best!! My machine is up and running with no damage!! Even though it was her getting off work time, she walked us through the whole process to get it working again. Thank you all for your suggestions. I'm am one happy quilter in Colorado!!
  4. 2009 Freedom with SR: I did a big no-no that is written right in the book! I had the needle running while warming up the machine. I was using a piece of batting to wipe oil off of the bobbin area plate near the bobbin assemble The bobbin area caught threads of the batting it and wrapped it around the bobbin assembly. The machine immediately stopped and blew the fuse. I changed the fuse no problem. I also removed as much of the batting thread as I could. Machine is back on, however, now it only sits and hums. Needle bar doesn't go up and down at all. What do I do now? I have a call into Dawn but heard that they are at a show this week. Any advise is welcome!!
  5. Beautiful and I love the little extra swirl you give the feathers. Stops them from being boring! lol
  6. Very interesting. I have a ruler similar to that. I'll try and see if I can do the same thing even though I have the BF boards too. Thanks for posting!
  7. You might be a Longarmer when: You make your family and friends schedule an appointment to see you! Your son says: "Wow, you could sew new leather seats for me on that" and you immediately send him to his room!! All the other posts are so funny and SO true!
  8. Same here. I only use them on my own quilts and they always was out...even the dark markers. I use the Crayola Washable Markers.
  9. Thanks for posting all the information on the Suspa lifts. I've regretted not getting the lifts when I first bought my Freedom. The more I age the more my back gives me trouble and I wish I'd had them put on. Now, I'll have a new item for my Christmas wish list!
  10. Sounds like a wonderful machine. Someone out there will love it too. Good Luck!
  11. Grammie Tammie is alive and well! This year she and her family opened a wonderful quilt shop up in the mountains south of Colorado Springs. Westcliffe is a charming little town nestled in a valley an surrounded by beautiful mountains. It takes me an hour to drive up there but her shop is well worth it. She also has a website: I find that I don't post as much as I used to but I check in everyday. I hear from Bonnie Botts once in a while on FB too. I love the First Quilt and Beginners topic ideas. Though I've been longarming for about 5 years I still learn from this site and "re-learn" lots of things too.
  12. Any ideas of how good I have to be for Santa to bring me one? lol I really haven't been that good this year!
  13. What an awesome idea! Since family members are clamoring for quilts, I can make these as presents to give until their quilts are done! Thanks for bringing this idea forward!
  14. Vicki, Are your boards still for sale? I'm definitely interested.
  15. So sorry that you didn't win but you're a STAR in our books! Don't give up! You'll be tooting your own success in no time.
  16. I had to laugh at myself especially since everyone else did. I posted on Facebook that I was coming down with a cold and would be dosing myself with Dayquil and Niquil. The only problem is that I wrote "Nightquilt" instead. My sister said she knew what my mind was really working on while I was laying on the couch!
  17. That's a treasure and at a VERY good price. I recently went to a quilt/vender show and they were selling for $300 to $800. Happy that it has a new home. For those interested, I recently found one for $185 on EBay and snapped it up. No attachments or case but I only plan on straight stitching anyway. Karol, thanks for the great idea of using a file box! I'm heading out to get one today.
  18. Don't have an IQ but your pics helped me be sure I have my Bobbin Cam set up right! Thanks
  19. Congratulations on your new "Baby". I remember the thrill of getting "Her" room ready and awaiting the arrival. I was even sitting on the front step the morning of her delivery waiting for the truck. I really started to panic with the street paving crew showed up and started to lay down new asphalt! The driver of the truck could have left without delivery but he was wonderful and backed up as close as he could get and helped us unload the boxes and carry them down the street. I had to call his boss and tell him what a wonderful employee he had. Enjoy your new machine!
  20. Great idea! Your quilting really pops up that design.