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  1. Customers like this make you wonder how they treat other professionals that they hire. The electrician, plumber, cleaning company, etc. Somehow we longarms will put up with this kind of behavior. I know that I need to be more firm with a few customers. My favorite comment from customers with wonky piecing and wavy borders "You can quilt that out!"
  2. Barb, It does stop mid stich -- needle up. Long stitches -- yes. I did get it to stitch horizontally with the stitch regulator. But the other directions -- no. It will make one normal stitch, then pause when the needle is up, or make really long 1/4 to 3/8" stitches. Barb could I call you for help?
  3. This only happens when you are on a tight deadline. The stitch regulator is stalling on my Next Generation Millie. I talked with Amy, she suggested an adjustment on the encoder wheel. I did that, did not help. The quilt I am quilting is from Crabapple Hill, Garden Alphabet. So I need my stitch regulator going around all of the embroidery on this quilt. If anyone, Dawn C. or Amy, has any other suggestion I would love to hear from you. Thanks for all advice.
  4. Beautiful! Definitely a 2 week job. Linda, how many hours a day do you spend quilting on quilt? Especially when it is custom like this one.
  5. Congratulations! I saw your entries at the show, they were beautiful.
  6. Are you looking for clear or smoke? I have 6 new smoke, 1 barely started, 2 new clear, 2 used a little. These are 1,500 yard spools. Let me know if you are interested in them.
  7. Nice job in letting your customers know what we do every time on their quilts.
  8. I would do something that has freehand curved lines, since you have done ruler work already. Can't wait to see the finished quilt.
  9. This pattern is from Fons and Porter magazine, not sure which year, but a March/April issue. While I was making this quilt, and quilting it -- I thought a lot about our veterans. Especially my brother, my hero, the man who means the world to me, Roger, he served in Vietnam. I was almost 5 when he returned home, but I remember going with my Mom and his girlfriend (now wife of 44 years) to pick him him. If you have a chance to make a quilt for a veteran, do it. There is nothing like handing a quilt to a veteran and thanking them for the time they have served. Not because you did something for them, but because they do not think they deserve it.
  10. I made this quilt for the Woulnded Warrior Project Gala. They are having the gala on March 30 and they have sold out of tickets. This quilt is going to be a button raffle item.
  11. Beautiful quilts! Now you will have fun quilting them. Share pictures when you get them quilted.
  12. I am amazed at the before and after. You definitely are very talented.
  13. Thanks for all the nice comments. My friend, Connie, who I quilted it for, picked it up today and loved it.
  14. This cute little quilt is for a Wounded Warriors fundraiser. It was fun to quilt "The Cat in the Hat".
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