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  1. What a good idea...all we need is a bedroom or two, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a big quilting studio! Hope you get one in your new house. For the first time in my life I have a nice, big home and I think this is all backwards. I now have 3 bathrooms and two people to use them, and five bedrooms for two full time people, and a nice finished basement for my quilting studio. Silly, isn't it(not the studio part)? More to clean and store junk in! You are making a good move. I wish you all the best! God Bless!!
  2. I pray for your little Maddie to be safe, for wisdom for the judge when the appeal goes to court and that it is speady, for your BIL, even for Maddie's mom to get her act together, and for you, of course, that you can see Maddie more, and that your MIL situation is resolved, and that you get your life back. Nobody should have to deal with so much! Take care,
  3. Sp precious!! My daughter will have to see this post. She is always rescuing something!!
  4. Thanks for posting!! Inspiration for what I want to be when I grow up! Off to favorites!
  5. Oh my, what a night!! Anybody else would have totally lost it after all of that. You must be a pillar of strength!! Your Maddie sounds so precious! My head is itchy, now, though. I think back on that experience when my son brought the lice home. He had thin hair so it was fairly easy to get him clear, but my daughter got them before I realized it all and she has this thick head of hair and I thought I might have to shave her bald to get rid of the little buggers. We had one of those big chest freezers and anything I couldn't wash in hot water (except Jodi) went in there and eventually w
  6. I did a quilt called cobblestones which was the same kind of deal...really called for custom but customer brought it to me for an edge to edge. I did a stencil that had a meander with a little country flower in it every so often, really turned out cute. I would do what your customer requested. I'm sure her Grandma will be happy in heaven to see that the quilt actually got quilted and loved instead of left in a basement.
  7. Nevermind the MIL...the lice would have been the last straw!! My son brought that home from grade school many years ago and I thought I would go nuts!! Seriously, though, I feel for you. Had many years myself with a difficult MIL, but did not ever have her living in my home. May God watch over you and give you strength through all of this. You know we all care so much about you and what you are going through. I pray that a solution will be forthcoming, and that you will get your life and your house back, and that you can quilt as much as your heart desires!! (and that the lice is gone fo
  8. They are featherlights and I will take them, please.
  9. I charge $1.50 per 1000 stiches as well. The customer gives me the fabric they want the label on, I embroider what they want to say on it, but I do not finish the edges of the label...they cut it to size and do the rest. $12.00 is the minimum I would charge as there is a lot of time in clipping threads and getting the stabilizer off the back of the label.
  10. So precious...the quilt and the quilting. I love those crabapple hill designs. I hate to admit it, but I wish they would make them for machine embroidery, than maybe I could get one done!
  11. Prayers are going up from Big Sky Country!! And I know this forum has a special connection cuz it worked for my BIL.
  12. Robin

    design wall

    Thanks again! Love the projection screen idea, if you happen to have one of those to recycle! That and the vanishing design wall that is available for purchase are great ideas for people without the wall space. For me, I think I will use a little something from all of your ideas. I will cover the styrofoam stuff by spraying with batting adhesive and sticking one of my extra wide flatter battings to it and wrapping it around to the back and securing with tape. Then I will hang the styrofoam board on the wall with sticky back velcro. Then I will put up a curtain rod with clips and hang a q
  13. Robin

    design wall

    Thanks for all of the ideas gals. I don't know why I didn't think of wrapping whatever kind of board I use with warm and natural batting. Of course blocks would stick nicely to it. And it's something I have plenty of on hand. I was not liking the idea of buying yards of flannel to cover the board with (although the $15.00 per bolt flannel would be just as cost effective). I wonder if a person could use that spray adhesive on whatever kind of board I use for the back and just stick the batting on that way?
  14. I have the baptist fan and clam shell R&S boards. I love the baptist fan, although there is a little bit of play with the stylus in the groove. I have learned to stay to one side of the groove and things line pretty well then. I have not even tried the clam shell yet. Haven't had just the right quilt for it yet.
  15. I love quilting for customers out of my home and not having to drive whatever road conditions are out there. For 20+ years I drove 40 miles round trip five days a week to work. We have had 90+ inches of snow so far this winter, and I look outside at the latest blizzard, smile, and say what a lovely quilting day!! Life is good.:)
  16. Robin

    design wall

    I want to put a design wall in my studio and am sure you all have great design walls in your studios. Please share what your design wall is like and how you made it...or where you bought it! I'm thinking of using that styrofoam stuff they put on the outside of houses before they side them and covering it with felt. I thought I would mark grids on the felt for when I place blocks on it. You could either pin or just self stick blocks on the felt. I'm thinking of using velcro hook and loop tape to attach the styrofoam to my wall. And then maybe I would hang a quilt rack with a big quilt o
  17. Pandolph is my favorite. I love her romantic florals. The quilting is so's going to my favorites.
  18. I kind of dreaded doing my first T-shirt quilt, but ended up totally enjoying the project. They are such a neat gift. So personal. I recently did one for my BIL to cover up with as he recovers from surgery and takes radiation treatments. He was so blown away by the fact that I would make something like that for him. I have done two start to finish for a customer and have another one ordered by that same customer. A nice fill in for when I'm caught up on customer quilt tops.
  19. I feel for you too Patty Jo. Isn't it so nice to get those friendly ones done and off the frame. I really think you made it look too good. I have a customer who likes Hobbs Polydown Plus and I'm so glad. It really helps to fill out the full borders. I tried to give her a lesson and she acted receptive but the friendly borders just keep coming. I hope you have better luck with your customer. Those friendly borders really do take a lot more time to deal with. And it's just not fun. But then it really makes me appreciate my perfect peicers so much more. Oooh and Darlene what gorgeous
  20. I got you all beat. We are at 80+ inches this year at Fort Peck Lake, Montana. Our neighbor gal says she "feels like she lives in a snow globe and somebody keeps shaking it"! But I still can't have a snowgarita as I would run over something with my longarm! I'm a cheap date!!
  21. Cute quilt. I like the idea of recycling shirts and duvet covers, etc. My mom and Grandma used to make most of their quilts out of clothes people had outgrown and they never used batting in their tied quilts, they always layered an old blanket in between. Those were the best quilts I've ever slept under. Nice and heavy. Of course, I always slept upstairs in our old two story house and it was colder than the dickens up there, so mom and Grandma's quilts were heavenly. Oh, that was such a nice trip down memory lane. Well, back to reality... Thanks for sharing your denim quilt picture
  22. Not knowing when Linnea will check in again...Mothergoose is Signature Cotton.
  23. I like the Rust or the Mothergoose if you have it. Mothergoose is the best thread color it blends with just about anything.
  24. Hi, Kathy! Be prepared to learn, learn, learn. You will be amazed at the talent on this forum and the really neat people! This is not just a forum, it is a kind of fellowship of friends.
  25. Thank you all so much for your prayers for my BIL who had surgery today. Kim is out of surgery now and it took a little over 6 hours as opposed to 8 to 14 hours as predicted. The reason being is they did not have to break his jaw after all to get to the tumor. They are very confident they got 100% of the cancer but he will still have to follow up with radiation. He will probably need to have some reconstructive surgery later as they had to take a nerve close to his eye that they did not want to take, but he can eat again (and not have to be on a feeding tube cuz his jaw was wired shut). K