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  1. Can hardly wait to see it. Sadly, I'm just a panto gal but am loving this thread of experts and their ideas. I'm amazed at how fast they just "see" what they would do. I hope I can do that some day.
  2. I swear when I proof read stuff before I post it, it's okay. Then when I hit the button...I have all of these typos! I meant "kind of brainstorm".
  3. I didn't know there was such a thing as a show table. I have a lodge where there is anything from quilt reatreat to hunters who stay there. I have often thought it would be fun to get the area longarmers together for a retreat to king of brainstorm and share ideas but to lug a big table over there would be a pain. But a show table would be great if it was easily portable. Now you got my wheels spinning....I wonder if Gammill makes such a table.
  4. Go for the 14'. That way you can do king size spreads if needed.
  5. That Circle Lord seems like a cool tool. I love what you did in the borders and the feathers are so pretty. Congratulations!
  6. What a beautiful wholecloth that would be! I'm in awe! Going to favorites for when I grow up to be a quilter.
  7. That's the quilt I took a picture of at my guild show last weekend. So it's called "Meet Me in Paris". I love that quilt and the quilting of course is awesome!
  8. Oh my gosh, that is gorgeous! Makes me wonder what possibly could have gotten first place. I'll never be worthy. I'm putting this in my favorites for when I get to be a custom quilter. Congratulations!
  9. Vicki, Yes, that was the Civil War that I did the baptist fan on. A very time consuming quilt to make. It is a block of the month pattern but I did it all in one shot as it was for display in the Fabric Attic in Wolf Point. I think it would have been better to do it as a block of the month as intended. By the time I got done I was half-square triangled out!!
  10. Thanks gals and thanks Judy for chiming in with the guild quilt pattern and info!
  11. Madelyn, Thanks. I will get you the info on the quilt pattern. I didn't work on this one this year as I had quilted the guild quilt the last two years and took and year off! I will find out, tho, and get you the info.
  12. I should say that I didn't have many quilts to compete with in the baby quilt category. There weren't many quilts entered as most of the gals said when they make baby quilts they give them away. The bed quilt category however had some pretty awesome competition so I am pretty tickled with that. And the quilt show was great advertising for me as my name was on many many quilts as the quilte.r I was handstitching by the side lines as kind of a demo thing and I had a name tag on and quite a few gals said "Oh, you're Robin. I saw your name on many quilts" and I gave out a few gals my infor.
  13. Our quild raffle quilt for this year.
  14. Other quilts that caught my eye. Not mine though.
  15. One of our guild members made the ribbons. Aren't they cute?
  16. and this is my "Baby Lone Star" quilt.
  17. Our quilt guild's show was this weekend and I am so excited to report that I won my first ribbons in quilt competition. I won in the bed quilt category and the baby quilt category. Here are some pictures one post a a time. My "Civil War Tribute" quilt won in the bed category.
  18. How in the heck do you post an avatar? I'm sure there must be a thread about it. Will try not to break my camera and get one on here some day soon.
  19. Love the table and the little white featherweight, too. I have four black featherweights. All have different badges. But I don't have a white one yet. My sister found a white featherweight in perfect condition with a nice case in a thrift store and paid $25 for it. I want a deal like that!
  20. Ditto to that last comment Sylvia! I have learned so much from the gorgeous quilts on this forum. So much awesome talent. I also agree with the not discount for a few pokies. The quilting is beautiful and I'm sure your customer will be thrilled.