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  1. I just love this forum...the most encouraging place a quilter can go. Thanks, gals. Shana, I am so jealous that Edyta is coming to see you. I just love, love, love her style and her fabrics and yes she does seem like a beautiful gal inside and out. I hope I get to meet her some day. Gosh I would love to meet all of you gals someday. How are we going to arrange that??
  2. Thanks, gals. With your encouragement I might just get around to the front side of my machine after all. I can't take credit for how the fabric was put together as it was a kit. But in case anybody does this quilt...make sure and check her website for corrections as that border that you gals like so much with all the squares has an error in cutting directions. The pattern says to cut 204 - 2 1/2" squares when the correct size was supposed to be 3 1/2". My LQS was great about it and gave me new fabric to cut the squares, but it was a lot of time lost and some aggravation.
  3. I am doing my part out here in Montana. When we lived on our farm we lived 20 miles from Wolf Point which is on a reservation. There is such a problem of strays there, you just can't believe it. My daughter has two doggies and I have one other one (my chocolate lab named Dillinger) that she could not contain in her fence and couldn't afford to keep getting him out of the pound. I brought him out to the lake with the intention of placing him on a farm home, but then I fell in love with him so he's still here. Good luck with placing the doggies and God Bless You!!
  4. Thanks, Vicki, I started in the upper right-hand corner and I want to do that part over, but I don't want to rip all that out. So, I'll just move on. It is fun to McTavish!
  5. Thanks, Sylvia, "Bon Voyage" is designed by Edyta Sitar for Laundry Basket quilts and it was made from Edyta's fabric line which my wonderful LQS got in. I love Edyta's style. Check her out on line at Laundry Basket Quilts.
  6. I see my camera date is a little off...I'm jumping ahead in time!!
  7. As I said on another post, I finally did something kind of custom...the center of my Bon Voyage quilt which will be in our guild quilt show this weekend. I outlined around the applique and McTavished (the Mc Schock version) for the background fill. Not perfect but pretty good for a beginner. When I got done I wanted to keep going (and rip out my first stuff and do it over). That McTavishing is kind of fun.
  8. I have the front of my machine toward the wall as when I finally get to doing custom I can have the lake view to look up at once in a while. I figue when doing a panto you really don't look up a whole heck of a lot. Oh, I finally did custom around one applique block on my quilt I'm going to show at our guild show this weekend...I'll put it a picture on a new post! I actually outlined the applique and I even McTavished!! (well my version of it anyway)
  9. It's a happy quilt now that it finally got finished.
  10. That's beautiful. Going to my favorites. I would say you have feathers down for sure!
  11. Oh, and I don't say "Yah, you betcha" either. That's a myth started with that stupid movie called "Fargo". I think the Minnesotans do that, tho. (Uh, Oh now I'm in trouble)
  12. Thanks for the giggles...I am a Montana girl originally from North Dakota...don't even go there!!
  13. Sewhappy, I will come see you in Bozeman sometime when my husband has to go there for meetings. I will be in touch!
  14. My husband just looked up how many miles it would be for me to come over to Idaho Falls...only 574 miles!! Still trying to catch up on my gas bill from going to see my folks for Easter. But someday....
  15. Hi, Ramona, it's good to see you back here. Haven't seen you post for awhile. Have learned a lot from you. I didn't get to see your studio cuz I couldn't get the link to work. Janette, don't feel so bad about being spread out all over the place to fit everything in. I, too, was there not too long ago in my old farm house. Stuff upstairs, downstairs, in back entryways...you name it. Hope your new studio works out for you if you decide to do it for sure. Am loving this post and seeing where everybody "lives". As I said before, I sure don't have as much thread as you guys and I sure don't have as many quilting ribbons!! Keep the studios coming gals!
  16. Would love to meet you gals...but our guild show is this weekend and I am signed up for Friday and Saturday to help. Idaho Falls is still quite a jaunt for me. I do hope to meet you all some day!!
  17. I think I have posting a picture figured out, but how do you post multiple pictures to one post? And how do you all add quotes and links from other posts?
  18. Oh, this is fun! I can see I don't own enough thread compared to some of you gals!! Beautiful sewing spaces! Sewhappy, I am going to have to look you up when I get out Bozeman way sometime and you do the same if you come Fort Peck way. Rebecca, your room looks so restful, I just want to have a nice afternoon nap in there. I just love those older homes...so much character with built-ins and such. You had mentioned you are spread out to a few different rooms for your quilting needs. That is how my farm house was. I had my long arm in the basement. My sewing room in the back entryway on the main floor. And any time I wanted to lay a quilt out I took over the living room floor. In our new house I am happy to "own" the basement for my studio. But, oh, my old farm house still tugs at my heart.
  19. So...how many doggies do you have?
  20. Last one...my "stash" room. I've had people be blown away by how much I have and some gals tell me that I hardly have any fabric.
  21. close up of cross stichted picture on the wall...my motto!
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