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  1. So glad to hear you are back to quilting again and I look forward to all the photos of your beautiful work. I sure can relate to your family flu story. Seems like anytime our kids and grands get together someone shows up with a bug that gets shared all around. We laugh about it at every holiday and have come to expect it as part of the "festivities". Glad you are settled into your new space and finding your new normal.. Sally
  2. Darlene, I would love to take these off your hands. Please email me with directions for payment at sallyquilt@zoominternet.net. Looking forward to hearing from you. Sally Weir
  3. The hover above your table surface. Mine has the capability to raise or lower the handles to whatever level is desirable for how you want to hold the handles while quilting. Think this is still part of the design. I have one of the first models Trinity offered so I'm sure she has done some tweaking over time. Love my system since I am not computerized. I get lovely results and sitting down has saved my back and knees.
  4. If you have the room get the biggest table you can. That's my only regret is I can only fit a 10' table and so many times run into issues of could have/would have. If I had to make a choice between the computer and Bliss, I'd go with Bliss. I am thrilled that I upgraded to it and have never been sorry about the money spent. One of the deciding factors for me when I got my Millie was the reposition able handles. Being able to adjust my grip has been a huge help with my hand issues. Best of luck in making your decision and happy quilting! Sally
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