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  1. Wow! They made the right choice for the quilt maker and quilter! What a team! Beautiful!
  2. Mercedes, I have it and don't use it very often, but when I do need it for tiny stippling, I am VERY glad I do!
  3. Hey Jim! That was a great idea! I'm going to file that one away for future reference!
  4. It was very cool to have dinner with these special quilting sisters and meet them in person! Thank you Sue for making reservations and the invitation for getting us together. I throughly enjoyed myself!
  5. Sue, my message box was full, sorry about that, I have emptied it now and sent you a note. Shar
  6. I will be attending the show and vender mall, I'm not taking classes, if a dinner comes together, I will try to make it! Not sure which day I'll be going, it's all up in the air for me at this point. Hope I can make a few connections, next year I hope to take some classes and be there longer.
  7. Road 2 CA was fantastic! I saw the most amazing quilts, so many of them well beyond my modest skill level, and I enjoyed the vender mall. The quilts were outstanding, I believe this was the best show I have had the pleasure of attending. I did not take classes, not because I don't need them, especially after seeing the talent displayed at this show, I really don't know why I don't like taking classes. I finally gave up on taking pictures of the quilts and just enjoyed them. My husband, all round great guy, didn't tap his toes once waiting for me, he enjoyed the show as well and toted my purchases for me. Quilting has been elevating for years into such an art form, there is a division occurring in quilting and this show was announcing it loud and clear. Art vs. Utility, even pretty utility just pales in the shadow of art quilts and quilting. I am torn about that, the quilts I love are all utility quilts, the quilts I never get tired of looking at are the art quilts. Sooooo, should I be trying to turn my Millie into an overgrown thread paint brush, learn to dye my own special fabrics, attempt to do anything by hand, or keep making those useable utility quilts to the best of my ability? Oh yes, I don't really have to decide, I can do both if I develop the skill sets! Do I want to? Probably not, I have barely begun to feel comfortable/confident with the utility quilting I do and enjoy. I am so proud of the quilting world and to be a small part of it. It is great to be able to say we love what we are doing and go to shows like this and bask in glow of all the talent!
  8. I ran into those opportunities for frogging quite a bit when I began custom quilting. I still do for that matter. I also learned bad words could be made to come out of my mouth, frustration and tears seemed to be my constant companion. I questioned my goals, why was I doing this to myself etc.etc. I called a well known local quilter and asked for a lunch date to discuss what I was doing wrong all the time. At the time I thought this quilter walked on water, she told me she has slip ups or opportunities for artistic license all the time and she cured herself by applying the 24 hour rule. Let it be for 24 hours, if it still bothers you after that, and if you can still find it, rip it out, if not, leave it. I was floored to find out my quilting idol was human! As mentioned by others here; we have all been there and will continue to find ourselves less than perfect, it is ok.
  9. Blessings and love coming your way! Ok at least one hug too!
  10. Jim, I have quilt glide and would not be without it! Yes, the needle keeps moving, but it moves at a much slower rate than if you are in simple manual mode. It allows you just enough time to engage the brain for the next direction without the panic of having to move faster than you are comfortable. The best thing is the smoothness, a perfect blend of stitch regulation and manual mode. Heidi, I have both and bliss and glide, you will extend your quilting years by investing in both, especially with the type of quilting you do, they allow longer sessions without the arm, and neck fatigue. It seemed unreasonably costly at the time, but I am so glad I did the upgrade to Bliss, I am not sure if glide can be added later to a machine.
  11. Congratulations! I think every quilt you do is a first place winner! Wow!
  12. I tried to do the right thing and quilt charity quilts for the Community Service branch of the local guild. Then I got members asking me to donate quilting and batting for this or that charity. I did them, some were raffle quilts others were to be used by patients at the local hospice facility. To my knowledge they were all used as charity quilts in one way or another. Then the other shoe fell... I was asked to do QOV's, and other types of cancer fund raising quilts. I did them, in fact posted a couple here on the forum. When these ladies came to drop off or pick up they yammered on and on about a quilt they were making for a friend or grandaughter etc. I thougt well that's great they will be bringing me regular quilting to do for them, but noooo they had the brass to stand in my studio and tell me who they were taking those quilts to to be quilted! I just could not believe it so I asked why they didnt' take their charity work to their regular quilter and the response was they are too busy to do free quilting!! Ok my dander was up so I politely let them know I was done with charity quilting if it does not bring me business in the future. I then contacted the chairwoman for the Community Service branch of the guild and let her know I would quilt two a month for Hospice only and I would only accept them from her. Since then I have only recieved one from that group, I know Hospice in my area will only accept machine quilted quilts for use in their facilities because they are laundered so often. I am happy to be on my own as far as charity quilts go, it brought me nothing but heartburn for trying to do a good deed. We need to be vigilant about this touchy issue. I was working like crazy to fit those charity quilts into my schedule, and to be taken advantage of in that manner was like being mugged.
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