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  1. Mine is on the second floor of an old 1908 farm house, on carpeted floor. Only minor problem is living room with TV is directly below so a bit annoying for my hubby watching TV.  He doesn't fuss but for anyone very sensitive it might be an issue.  Or, give them head-set plugged into the TV. :-)

    Good point Connie & Cee K made about the rails fitting up the stairway.  Ours did fit but later when I upgraded to Bliss it was easier to pass the 12 ft. rails through the window as our stairway does make a 90 degree turn.


  2. Thanks Jim and Shana.

    Jim -- I don't use my channel locks as I advance but I will start doing that.  By just eyeballing it along the way it appears OK, but I don't see that gradual shift happening until but obviously it is.

    Shana -- thanks for the good instructions on the canvas leaders!  I give this a try after I have my QOV quilt off the frame.  

    I appreciate all suggestions!  

  3. Hello all, I hope someone can help answer this as I've had this problem for years.  I hope my description below makes sense.

    I have a 2009 (I believe) Millie with 12' table, blissed about 2 years after I purchased it.  As I advance a quilt it "grows" about 3/4"-1" on the lower right-hand side (when facing front of the machine). So ultimately the bottom of my quilt is not straight across when I come to the end of the quilt.

    I've measured each roller bar to make sure they are level and the same height on each right and left sides.  I have adjusted the take-up roller up or down a bit, purposely making it not quilt level, just to see if anything would change, but it didn't.  Possibly I didn't adjust it enough as I expect to see some change, either better or worse.

    Usually I quilt each row as I go rather than baste the entire quilt first.  Just for fun, I completely basted the quilt I'm working on now just to see if it would "grow" or not and it still did, just as if I quilted each row along the way.

    I usually do custom work so I quilt both directions (left to right and right to left) so I'm not in essence "pushing" the quilt the same direction all the time.  Whether I do customs or pantos, the quilt still "grows" on the right side. 

    I'm baffled.  Any ideas what else I can look for?  

    Thanks in advance! 

  4. Hello,


    Here's a Boxer dog quilt I made for our local rescue organization that is having a fundraiser.  The rescue group asked if I would make something "quilty" and since I had a lot of advance notice the project grew.  It took about 1 1/2 years off and on.

    It was so much fun to make.  I hope it raises some money for the rescue group!


    Thanks for looking!



    Sorry some of the pictures are sideways!