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  1. The Oxyclean has turned it into just a faint line. I accidently left the Oxyclean on for over an hour. If it were mine I'd leave it be and let the rest come out in the laundry but it's not mine so am treating it again and hoping that it takes out the remaining. Hopefully I can start quilting it tomorrow. It's semi-custom and now that I have a design in my head I want to get to it.
  2. Love all the suggestions. I tried sew clean last night with no luck. Just got home from work and am so glad there a more ideas here! Thank you. DH has goof off, I'll try that after the oxyclean I just started to attempt. Hate to call customer but may do so as it's a mistake I made but it is right in a piece that is next to the border. I hope she will be fine if I offer to fix it that way. Oh boy. Should have put the tape on the whole edge and not just a few places.
  3. I was using a green dry erase pen to try different ideas for a customers quilt. and yes I did the stupid thing of going off the edge of the plastic and onto the quilt top (of course on the white background). I've never done this before and I'm not really sure how to get it out. Brand new customer. Feeling stupid. TIA Update: It came out with Oxiclean Laundry stain remover. Had to treat it twice. Bottle says to leave it on for 10 minutes. I accidently left if for an hour the first time. It mostly came out then. The second time I left it for about 15 minutes. I can't see the mark anymore. It is drying and I hope it is gone once it is dry. I am going to go put tape around every bit of edge on the mylar I was using. It had tape spaced about every foot. Lesson learned. thank you for all the suggestions, lucky me I got it out with something I have here at the house already.
  4. Oma I am so glad you started this post. I can't wait til he gets here and works on my machine.
  5. Wow! That is really neat. I see a lot of straight line quilting to follow the geometry of it and then no clue about the black. I know you'll get many better ideas
  6. I wouldn't be where I am today without all of your help. And I WILL continue to ask for advice, help, etc. It's how I grow.
  7. I can't wait, my stitch quality just isn't any good right now. He can help me get up and going again.
  8. Love what you did. I did one just like it. It was quiet the feat to quilt but I look at it (it's my sons) and love the way it came out. His is a queen too.
  9. I will call when I get home from work today. Around 1:00 CA time.
  10. I'm no longer getting skipped stitches. I am however still getting sporadic loops of top thread on the back of the quilt when quilting the left first inch or two from the front to the back in a straight line. I readjusted the hopping foot and that seems to have stopped the birds nest issue and it happening in the body of the quilting area. I've also changed to a brand knew bobbin case. I can not get my tension to look great either. I'm about ready to send her in for a check up in Iowa.
  11. Thanks Dawn and everyone I'm not out of the woods yet. Everything is fine, then I advance to play on the next row. I do a basting stitch up the left side (from front to back) and it birds nests top thread on the back. That is the only place it does it though in three rows. I do straight lines, diagonals, hooks, curls, practice my feathers and that is the only place. No skipped stitches but tension isn't perfect. Hmmm Could I have the hopping foot adjusted wrong?
  12. OK so re-timing the machine is bothering me so much that I kinda started over. Rethreaded the machine, cleaned the bobbin case, and started cleaning the hook assembly and found a piece of top thread stuck in there. How the heck did I not get it out the first time or see it when I was checking for burrs I'll never know. I have now quilted a 36" row and am not having any birds nest of top thread on the back. Do you guys think I fixed the problem without re-timing? or am I just setting myself up to be disappointed with more nasty stuff coming my way soon. Needle depth looked right on to me. Hmmm.
  13. Didn't get to the machine today. Am scarred to death to try to time it. From what Dawn says and what I've seen I have a feeling that may be the problem. I will let you all know when I get back to it. UGHHH
  14. I will try theese and get back to you. Thank you.
  15. I have a 2010 Lenni - It is making birds nests of top thread on the back of the quilt and then on the top sometimes it looks like a skipped stitch, sometimes it looks like a birds nest of top thread on the top, and sometimes the top thread plain old breaks. I've been trouble shooting and have figured out that it only happens when I am (from the freehand side) going straight back or at an angle of to the back and left. I'm using Glide thread on top and Magna bobbins, I have tried a couple of different cones and also Lava thread on the top as that is the quilt this started with. Different bobbins but the same type. I am now playing on a piece of muslin trying to figure out what is wrong. So far I have: checked that the encoder wheels for the stitch regulator are still set properly (they are). I have run a nylon through the pigtails and can't find any burrs. I have tried 3 different needles. I have re threaded the machine a few times. I've cleaned the machine. I've tightened the top thread to where it was so tight it broke and then loosened it to good stitches. By the way the stitches when quilting towards me or left to right or right to left look great and I have no problems. My hopping foot was wiggling left/right so I tried to tighten it and in that process reset the height, it still wiggles a little. I can't tighten it enough so that it doesn't wiggle. There's no slack front to back. The hook assembly does not seem loose. I DO NOT know what else to do. I'm scared to put on a customers quilt. I don't want to spend lots of time ripping because of this. Thank you all.
  16. I LOVE my Lenni, but really wish I would have gotten the larger throat space with LUCY. I have added the ergo. handles to Lenni. I love them too. Have tried the bliss on a couple of machines and dream of one day having that.
  17. I got Mystical Grids by Jamie Wallen for Christmas. I love it. Just thought I'd share
  18. Awesome!! Put on a practice piece and just go for it. It's so much fun.