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  1. I have been saving for a while now, and went to the AQS show in Des Moines over the weekend and put it on order. I'm so excited! We're planning to pick it up next week.
  2. Mary Beth: I just saw this. I am so sorry. My thought and prayers are with you.
  3. All moved and settled! It was really very easy. The rails and legs went in the moving truck but I hauled the head in the trunk of my car with lots of batting around it. My husband said he thought we could move it any where because it was so easy - but trust me - not planning to move again any time soon. The packing wasn't so bad. It's the unpacking and putting away that is the hassle. I need the other Mary Beth's organization method I think. I was totally overwhelmed with the number of boxes and tubs I had that were marked "sewing room". So far just the Freedom and my Bernina are set up. Nothing else is unpacked. One of these days..........
  4. and to the other Mary Beth - you are certainly welcome to help. We'll probably move the longarm sometime the first or second week of March. Let me know what works for you and we'll see what we can work out. THANK YOU!
  5. Sheri - it's one of the Mary Beth's from the Midwest, but I'm the one in Cameron. We are moving to Piper, KS - about an hour southwest. I certainly intend to stay a part of the Midwest Quilters Gals. We need to be meeting again soon!!!! I certainly had a good time when we got together last. We will be much closer to my mom ( now in her 80's) and the grandkids. We moved here with the job in 1980 and my husband retired last March, so I guess we go with the job. LOL.Our house isn't sold yet so we will have to be traveling back and forth for a while. I'm heading out to buy a statue of St. Joseph to get buried in my yard this afternoon!
  6. We are moving the end of this month, which means I have to move my Freedom. What experience do you all have in doing this? I had it installed when I bought her 5 years ago, so I haven't ever set one up. My husband is convinced we can do it ourselves but I don't want to mess anything up. Also considering updating to Bliss when moving. Any thoughts out there? I so LOVE this forum where folks tell you what you need to know.
  7. So happy for you! Your work was gorgeous before. I can hardly wait to see it with BLISS. Sure hope it makes you fell better and able to quilt longer, too!
  8. I can hardly wait for you to become a dealer! Good luck!!!!
  9. My husband is not a hunter :-( Since he retired in March I haven't had much time to sew. He's the one who needs a hobby. I have PLENTY!!!
  10. I don't make quilts for others, or at least I haven't to this point except for T-shirt quilts, but I do make city flags to be flown at city hall and public safety buildings. I agree with the 3X the cost of supplies. It works for flags anyway.
  11. I have the paint chips, but all my fabric is in storage. My sister is going to do it and I'll help her. She has a huge stash and likely has enough of ALL the colors to make two. I'm not sure she will share, however. LOL. Maybe in February, when I get my stash out of storage I might jump on the bandwagon. That way I can see the finished project before I commit.
  12. Nether-in-law: We just came in from the garage where I have 2 treadles and a couple of other machines. They would need some work to get them up and going, but if you are interested at all let me know. I really don't want to move them, and hate to just put them in the trash. I'm located right on I-35 at Cameron, Missouri so you may likely be going right by my house! My name is Mary Beth, too!
  13. so this brings up a good question for me.....We are getting ready to move and I have a collection of sewing machines that belonged to my grandmother, mother-in-law, and some others and I'm not sure what to do with them. Some are in good condition, others, not-so-much. I'm absolutely NO GOOD at ebay or Craig's list and don't really want to learn. Is there a website that specializes in buying and selling vintage machines? I can probably get one of my sons to help me, but I'm not at all technologically friendly. Any suggestions????
  14. I was looking for some type of floor finish. Hadn't heard of Polytec but I'll give it a look-see. I love this forum. So much to learn!!!
  15. They started framing on our new house last week. I will have a dedicated space in the basement - but it's a walk out with lots of windows and natural light. I don't know the dimensions of the room exactly, but I'm hoping it's at least the 16 x 18 that you all are talking about. Everything is in storage now so I can hardly wait to get moved!!!
  16. Mary Beth: I have made a similar resolution to use solely from my stash for new quilts. It shouldn't be a problem really......except for the fact that our house is on the market and I had to pack up my sewing room and make it back into a bedroom. Everything is in 3 closets, but finding stuff is the challenge right now. Plus the fact I hate to get stuff out and have to put it all away all the time to show the house. Hopefully it will sell quickly! Then it's just getting it stored till the new house is completed. After typing this I realize I likely won't be doing much quilting for a while. Now I'm sad . I haven't been home for 3 weeks (except briefly on weekends) as I'm helping to take care of the new grandbaby twins, William and Gabriel, and their big sister Gloria, age 17 months. I guess I really don't have any time to quilt anyway. But all those grandbabies sure make me happy
  17. I've made a couple of these for clients and my suggestion is to pick all the fabrics for sashing and backing yourself. Most of these folks don't sew and really don't have a clue. They will bring you discount store fabric that will shred, fade or worse and then be very disappointed. I also agree that they are time consuming, but oh so nice when they are done well!
  18. Love my boards and customer service is THE BEST. Thank you Michael!
  19. My sister picked up the magnets for me this week. Her Joann's store is right next to Harbour Freight. I didn't realize they came in two different strengths. I'll just have to see what I get.
  20. Love my Kai! I picked mine up at the Des Moines show a couple of years ago and since it's just a month away, I might have to have another size. I like the gift idea, too. Hadn't thought of that.
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