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  1. Does your Millie have a new home, Julie? I knew you were thinking about downsizing.
  2. I saw Dawn and Mark at AQS in Des Moines yesterday. I wish I would have thooght to ask about posting it here as well. Lots of us don't do Facebook.
  3. I went yesterday - hence not reading the Forum for a while. I went with a bus load from our local shop. It was GREAT!!! The vendor quality was very nice and the machine quilting on many of the quilts was spectacular. One of the ladies on our bus remarked how she thought the show was much better than last year and how much the quilting had improved. I don't know if I was just ready for a road trip or what, but I am SOOO inspired again. Now if I just didn't have to go to work...........
  4. I agree that you shouldn't tell them your insurance doesn't allow visitors. Being upfront and honest is the best. It gets so hot in my studio, I'm TEMPTED to quilt in the nude sometimes, but never been there. Honestly, that kinda scares me. There are sharp objects around. LOL!!!!!
  5. It's ok with me if our financial planner calls to tell us that my husband can retire in March.......even if that means he will ALWAYS be under foot - because I'm gonna teach him to quilt!!! He has a really good eye and always is full of constructive ideas!
  6. Oh I'm so glad to hear this! I have my grandmother's treadle machine, my Aunt Mary's is waiting for me at my mom's, I have my mother-in-laws, and one other. I thought I was the only one with this fettish!!! Now if I can just my husband to understand
  7. I really like that board. Guess I'm gonna have to cave in and purchase it. Love the ribbon candy embellishment!
  8. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! I haven't needed you so far, since these machines are SOOO wonderful, but if I ever do, I'm sure you'll be there for me.
  9. Out local shop has a sign hanging in the restroom that reads something like: "We used to have a pretty quilt hanging here. Someone liked it so much they took it home with them, so now you get to look at this ugly note on the wall". I feel sorry for people who think they have to steal. There must a void somewhere in their life.
  10. about 10 seconds. I'm surprised, cuz it usually takes me much longer than that!
  11. I bought at a road show and got free set up. It was great! But now we are thinking about moving. I hope I can read the instructions BACKWARDS to take it apart and move it. It would probably had been easier if I put it together in the first place. I like the idea of doing it when you can call APQS if you get stuck. Good advise.
  12. I think I like this new location! I took a bus trip a couple of years ago and we traveled through that area. Lots of REALLY NICE SHOPS along the way. and lots of time to start planning now. Thanks for the info, Jennifer
  13. oops. Sorry about the spelling of Chock. It's Monday morning!!!
  14. Who makes Miracle Chock and where do you get it? Sounds very interesting. I have used Pounce, but not exactly a big fan.
  15. My brothers have an "event barn" for weddings, receptions, etc. My sister-in-law will keep wine boxes for me when I'm in need. They have great dividers that hold 4 pantos each that be labeled or color coded. I'm still working on what works best. If you have a winery close - or even a nice liquour store, they could probably save some of the dividers for you. They can be stored in plastic containers or the actual boxes - if you can get your hands on those. This is a great topic. I like all of the organization tips!!!
  16. I certainly call myself "accomplished" by any stretch, but echo quilting came pretty easily to me. Don't stress over exactness. Standing back the next day it looks great - and be sure to use that stance. It really does work!
  17. I have Deloa's Appliguide and I love it. I don't have Bliss and it really makes a difference for me.
  18. I'm working on one this is all fused applique and I was wondering how I was going to quilt it. It has to be finished by our September guild meeting for our President's Challenge. Guess I better get busy if it takes that long. Your work is great. I hope mine is 1/2 that good!
  19. My sister and I always laugh at each other as we're leaving the fabric store. Most people just look at us. They are buying yardage and fat quarters. We buy BOLTS! Yes, I guess I'm in.
  20. That is awesome! I'm really inspired by everyone on this Forum. Someday........
  21. I sewed thru my finger, too. A pretty good chunk came out when I quickley jerked my finger out of the way - but I healed quite nicely. The best thing that happened to me was my DH felt sorry for me and did the dishes!
  22. We are thinking of vacationing to Niagara Falls. I may need to make a side trip. Great idea!!!
  23. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! My son has the nickname of "giraffe" and now that's he married and they want a large family I've started scoping out giraffe fabric. This is awesome! Love the colors, too.
  24. I'm coming up on a bus from our local quilt shop on Wednesday. I came via bus last year and it was great. No driving hassle, no parking hassle, just lots of time to shop and see all those beautiful quilts. I wish we had some kind of "identifier" from the forum so we knew who was who. I'd love to meet some of you!!!