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  1. Is the sale for both the Machine and Quilt Path? I am looking for a Quilt Path Computer System to add to my Millie.
  2. I will take them if they are still available. Shipping would need to go to Plymouth MI
  3. I am interested in them - How much? Debbie Rdwinter01@gmail.com
  4. Yes it is... No it is not too old, I have seen on posts here that most do with this machine.
  5. No it is not stitch regulated, machine is very smooth when quilting I have not found that I need it with this machine.
  6. Yes it is, let me know what you would like to know about the machine. You can email me at Rdwinter01@gmail.com Debbie
  7. Tammy I have 3 attached I will take additional photos let me know what you would like to see. Debbie
  8. Yes the table height is adjustable, no the table does not have casters but I am sure they can be added.
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