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  1. Good news on the shipping front! Some of these pantos are going to fit into a medium flat rate box. If they do, shipping is $13.60 with insurance included up to $50. I believe insurance from the free $50 up to $100 is $2.65. I will cover insurance after $100.
  2. Marti, Deb, Donna, thank you for the emails! I sent you each one back
  3. All have sold. Thanks! I have 80 pantos I'd like to sell, $8.50 each. If you have an interest, please email me for a list at BLHUTCHERSON @ SBCGLOBAL.NET (no spaces). I can probably fit quite a few in a USPS flat rate priority board game box that ships for $18.95 plus insurance. Once I send the list you will have 24 hours to respond with your choice and then I will send what's left on the list to the next person in line. I prefer Paypal. Please send payment via Paypal when you reply with your choices. I also have OMNI threads for sale if anyone is interested.
  4. I have the following for sale. I haven't quilted for over a year and am trying to clear some things out. I will be listing some more books for sale soon. I also have some OMNI threads listed for sale. I mention this in case you'd like to include them in your box. Shipping is not included. I will try to find the smallest box possible to fit the items. Insurance is up to you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ $20 for all PajamaQuilter PajamaQuilter Reloaded DVD & Workbook PajamaQuilter Rethreaded Workbook (companion to DVD) ß I do not have the DVD ~~~
  5. Due to illness, I have not been quilting in a while. Up for your consideration is a large batch of OMNI. Most have never been used. Some wrappers are missing as they were likely shipped to me from Superior Threads in loose crinkly plastic bags around the cone instead of the shrink wrap. I will also include an OMNI 172 color chart with actual threads. I did do some highlighting on the color chart of the colors that I had at one time and the chart is cut a little bit so that it would fit into my binder. I am asking $450 for all 51 cones plus shipping,, or $10 a cone plus shipping. Buyer wil
  6. Thank you all for the well-wishes. The last month has been a flurry of doctor visits and just trying to cope day to day with the exhaustion, shortness of breath and dizziness. I did get into see a Lyme specialist in San Diego. It was a 5 hour trip one way but worth it. Apparently, I also have Bartonella (cat scratch fever). He's suggesting a TWO YEAR regimen (ugh) of treatment and my first month of medicine, generic!, would have been $5000 out of pocket had I not had insurance. I pray the insurance keeps covering the meds but it is probably doubtful as the medical community isn't open to treat
  7. It's funny how life can change in a moment and all things that you love doing don't seem important anymore. It's been a few months since I've been here participating and loving all the eye candy quilts you ladies create. This morning, I woke up and realized how much I miss sewing and quilting and seeing what everyone here is up to and thought I could at least log on every now and then and enjoy you all even if I'm not doing much myself. Last December I found I had a thyroid problem and expected getting on medicine would help fix me, but it didn't. Then in September I was diagnosed with chr
  8. Thanks for the ideas, ladies! We are going to look next into the Lazy Boy and will check the others out. I hadn't heard of Mayo, Carmen! I will see if someone around here carries it. Oma, we just got back from Oregon. We left Thursday morning, too! It was blazing hot in Redding at 115 degrees when we drove through and stopped at Walmart there. And here we thought it would be cooler than the valley. Apparently, Northern California and Southern Oregon had a heat spell! It was sad to see Shasta Lake so low Have a safe drive home! If you've never taken the 101 and you don't mind the extra mil
  9. We are looking to buy a sectional for our living room. We'd like to find a quality sectional with cushions that won't flatten out in a couple of years. If you have one you love, could you please share the name with me?
  10. Beautiful! The letters/numbers wow!! Any tips you'd like to share about how to do those so nicely?
  11. Carmen, great tip!! That is usually my problem, not enough fabric for the full 9 inches. But I have a bunch of good muslin on hand
  12. Jennifer, you brought up so many good points about the 9 inch being the better way to go. I hadn't really considered it, but yes, the doubled fabric of the 9 inch piece would be much stronger and would hold up better in the long run!
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