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  1. Oh wow. I guess I haven't checked in here in many moons. I didn't know of Rita's passing. She will be missed.
  2. LindaSteller

    AQS Quilt Week Grand Rapids

    Check out the special exhibits - I'm the USA coordinator of the World Painters Challenge exhibit. It's fabulous! Have a great time while you're there.
  3. LindaSteller

    Intelliquilter vs Quilt Path

    IQ rocks. The possibilities are virtually endless with it. Resizing and tweaking designs to exactly fit your clients' wonky blocks is a breeze, and the customer service is beyond compare. Worth every single penny.
  4. LindaSteller

    Mary's Shop Hop Quilt

    Very beautiful. Nicely done.
  5. LindaSteller

    Rainbow Modern Dear Jane

    Cool quilt! Really nice quilting. It's a stunning quilt.
  6. I'm sure you had your reasons. That's a wonderful machine and a great price! I hope you find a buyer soon.
  7. LindaSteller

    Yep I have been Busy

    Wow! Lots of quilts, and all of them nicely done.
  8. LindaSteller

    Sew Spooky in Progress

    That's coming along nicely. I love Halloween quilts.
  9. LindaSteller

    time to receive new machine?

    Oh how exciting. I hope you're up and running in no time!
  10. I'm sure they'll make this right for you. Superior is a very reputable company.
  11. LindaSteller

    HMQS winner

    Congratulations. It's beautiful!
  12. LindaSteller

    Brake on Millennium frame

    I've had my machine for 11 years. I put a new brake on it about four years ago. I have to retighten that screw probably once every other week. I think it's just the way it is.
  13. LindaSteller

    Whole cloth wall hanging

    Very pretty!
  14. LindaSteller

    New Feathers and Applique Quilt in Progress

    It looks beautiful!