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  1. my needle bar goes down on its own with a clunk.I was not touching the button combination to set the needle into the quilt. This has happen twice today and it nearly caught my finger . Suggestions for solutions.
  2. top stitches not distinct. back stitches great. how do I fix top stitches?
  3. My 2012 Millie is loud in Sr but drives smooth and quieter in manual. I have found if the quilt is too tight then it is louder or if using batik fabric every stitch is felt. One thing that helps is to clean the rails, oil the bobbin and change the needle.
  4. Chris, love the feathers. Do you have a YouTube video showing your talent? Thank you for sharing.
  5. I was also fighting thread breaking combined with bad stitches. Went through all the above suggestions and more when I figured out the quilt sandwich as too tight. I loosed the tension on my quilt and it solved many of the problems. Hope you get yours solved
  6. Teresa, as a former teacher and Principal, I understand your fear and frustration. Does your school have an onsite Counselor? Many times we forget that a School Counselor is also for the teachers. Can a behavior plan be made for this student involving you, parents, Principal, and Counselor? In that way everything is officially documented and behavior goals are set. Lastly, can this student be moved to another class to change the classroom dynamics?
  7. I noticed on the Apqs blog Dallas ,Tx had a training and education center. Is this a walk in location or just for shows?
  8. Bonnie: Anne Bright has a pattern in her book Simply Continuous Friends called Ladies in Red. It has heels, purses and hats in a continuous panto about 9 1/2 " wide.
  9. does anyone have featherlight clamps for sale? please contact me. thank you
  10. I use my channel locks when I am quilting basting stitches, lining up needle position for Panto, holding the machine still for threading the needle, changing the needle, cleaning the bobbin area, changing hopping foot, and anytime I need the machine to not move. For me it is well worth the money.
  11. I am interested in the featherlight clamps. Does anyone have a 20" pair for sale?
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