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  1. my needle bar goes down on its own with a clunk.I was not touching the button combination to set the needle into the quilt. This has happen twice today and it nearly caught my finger . Suggestions for solutions.
  2. I used the Pfaff and original Inspira frame with cruise control for about 15 quilts and had zero problems. I wanted to have more quilting space. My bars did not sag but could see how they would if the quilt was too tight. Kept the machine because it is an industrial machine and great for piecing and putting on binding. No bell and whistles so less goes wrong. I wouldn't invest in the setup again because of the limitations but would keep the machine for piecing.
  3. I have the red snappers and notice that if I do not snap them straight on the bar.... in otherwords watch for the edges curving up or down.... then it gets caught when quilting. I also allow more backing and start with them behind the leveling bar. I have zippers and the Red Snappers are attached to the zippers with an additional leader, I have more wiggle room to adjust if they bind at the top or bottom.
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