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  1. TY - Couldn't find a clear enough photo... my laser post looks wrong to me too.
  2. What happened? Did you get your issue fixed?
  3. Can someone take a minute and send me a photo of the laser post and laser attached on the back of the machine please? I can't seem to remember how it goes. Thank you!
  4. I left a reply last night, but it seems to have disappeared. Can you send me a photo of the herringbone, honeycomb, trillum and pampas please?
  5. Could you send a photo of the Aztec boards, the herringbone and honeycomb? Do you have Lily? Thank you!
  6. Is reputation that same as "like" - I thought so but I seem to have given an up arrow to everything?
  7. Did you mark the border into triangles and how did you travel on the pattern? Beautiful!
  8. It looks great! Was this the previously quilted quilt?
  9. Try the "used-for sale" forum post here, House of Hanson - http://www.houseofhanson.com/ or even a local paper or classified. Also, Dave Jones does a great job of setting up the machines, going through them, timing etc.
  10. There is also the "clips" made out of 3" PVC vacuum pipe?! I think Doodlebug showed how in an old post, I think you can buy some too?!
  11. WOW! Thanks for sharing - wouldn't mind even more photos! (look at all the ribbons too!), WOW . . .
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