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  1. cmkeindl1

    A few forum questions

    Is reputation that same as "like" - I thought so but I seem to have given an up arrow to everything?
  2. Did you mark the border into triangles and how did you travel on the pattern? Beautiful!
  3. What is remaining available?
  4. Why do you have what looks like saran plastic wrap on the leveler bar?
  5. cmkeindl1

    I won.....

    Congrats! Love your matching pants!
  6. I'm looking for the Hartley extended base (no thread cutter) for Millie? Thanks!
  7. Someone had a great idea that I used: 3 ring binder with clear page protectors. Slit the inside and bottom seams of the clear plastic and fold out on the panto. Trace with permanent marker then put in the binder. Great way to keep together and pull out the clear pages to lay on quilt top to "audition" the design. Took a little time, but it'seems really useful now! (probably lay the side on the quilt top without the marker, but I haven't had any issues). Easy to add to when you get new pantos. I even traced a section of my CL boards to put in my binder?! Oh, then I just store my pantos and boards in a cupboard out of sight.
  8. cmkeindl1

    Quilters are the best!!

    I'm so glad it got there safe! Wishing you well on your "new to you" machine! Now, I still need to find the Hartley fence for my Millie w/out the cutter . . . .
  9. cmkeindl1


    Hi! I have the basic Circle Lord, but let me know if you decide to sell any of the boards separately? Thanks and good luck! FYI - you are somehow not set up to receive messages through APQS
  10. Bump again, anyone who quilts alot on black???
  11. cmkeindl1

    Need some help with this

    Sounds fun! Be sure to show your quilt when done!!
  12. cmkeindl1

    Previously Quilted Quilt

    It looks great! Was this the previously quilted quilt?
  13. cmkeindl1

    Need some help with this

    All great advice!!! Try laying different thread colors out across the orange and white and squint to see what you are looking for? Can't wait to see finished, I think it will be great! Cathy
  14. cmkeindl1

    Pantographs for Sale

    Is this what you mean? and are they the complete sets? how many inches tall? Thanks!!!