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  1. Is reputation that same as "like" - I thought so but I seem to have given an up arrow to everything?
  2. Did you mark the border into triangles and how did you travel on the pattern? Beautiful!
  3. I'm looking for the Hartley extended base (no thread cutter) for Millie? Thanks!
  4. Someone had a great idea that I used: 3 ring binder with clear page protectors. Slit the inside and bottom seams of the clear plastic and fold out on the panto. Trace with permanent marker then put in the binder. Great way to keep together and pull out the clear pages to lay on quilt top to "audition" the design. Took a little time, but it'seems really useful now! (probably lay the side on the quilt top without the marker, but I haven't had any issues). Easy to add to when you get new pantos. I even traced a section of my CL boards to put in my binder?! Oh, then I just store my pantos and boards in a cupboard out of sight.
  5. I'm so glad it got there safe! Wishing you well on your "new to you" machine! Now, I still need to find the Hartley fence for my Millie w/out the cutter . . . .
  6. Hi! I have the basic Circle Lord, but let me know if you decide to sell any of the boards separately? Thanks and good luck! FYI - you are somehow not set up to receive messages through APQS
  7. Sounds fun! Be sure to show your quilt when done!!
  8. It looks great! Was this the previously quilted quilt?
  9. All great advice!!! Try laying different thread colors out across the orange and white and squint to see what you are looking for? Can't wait to see finished, I think it will be great! Cathy
  10. Is this what you mean? and are they the complete sets? how many inches tall? Thanks!!!
  11. BLACK LIGHT BULB and Chalk!! FOR SALE - I have the florescent fixture with 2 light bulbs AND a black light (I'll throw in the "black light" chalk and a pounce for this powder as well) See photos! $30/obo + shipping for the fixture, bulbs, powder, and pounce pad - you get everything in the photos! Ask if you have any questions! Thanks, Cathy
  12. Ditto! Love these lights! love the view without the fluorescence bulb. photo looks kinda greenish -but look at that visibility!
  13. Hi Tonilynn: Do you still have some R n S boards? Thanks!
  14. Just a reminder: you have to use the gel-type super glue (or whatever APQS suggests) not the runny stuff, you can only glue the outer rim because if any glue gets on that silver post that has to spin, it would not be good. Amy will tell you!
  15. I didn't know Elmer either - but with all of Cheri's wonderful posts about him, who couldn't help but love him too! This story, these people, this memory, this collaboration, and of course this quilt are all BEAUTIFUL!!!
  16. Looks like maybe if you order $150 there is free shipping? Not sure . . . Is it the Tuscany Cotton Wool or just the Tuscany Wool that you like the vest?
  17. Karen: Here is Linda's instructions on those great curvy border feathers: Hi to all--and those with questions about design placement--- The bead board border--I measured the full length and divided by a pleasing spacing. Normally I would use the width of the sashing, but some wonky piecing would have been made more evident and obvious with this quilt. I mark at the border seam, stitch from edge to seam, travel in the ditch to the width of the hopping foot, and stitch back to the edge. Sometimes I use the channel locks, but since the machine likes to go straight on the horizontal and vertical, sometimes I just nudge it. That works very well. My favorite way for piano keys/bead board spacing is to use the piecing--I love even piecing at the border seam. For marking the sashing design--I mark a faint line a quarter inch inside the sashing to keep the feathers centered. Measure that inside spacing and find a circle that is about twice that width in diameter. Then the fudging begins. I want an odd number of feathers across the sashing so the spiral in the stones will be easy to stitch. Divide the first sashing area into 5 spaces and see if your circle will fit. If it fits across 5 times with some space left over, mark with a little larger circle. If 5 won't fit, find a smaller circle to mark with. Snug the top of the circle to the quarter-inch line to mark lightly. Darken the stitching line--this is where you can adjust to make it fit across. After you mark one, the rest get easier.
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